abdominal aortic aneurysm
achieve a complete victory
acquired hemochromatosis
acquisitive prescription
adaptive delta modulation
adherence to the shogunate
administration of justice
administrative procedure
administrative scrivener
admiration of the powerful
admission to the courtroom
adrenal medullary hormone
african national congress
aggravated breach of trust
agricultural cooperative
agricultural cultivation
agriculture and fisheries
alcohol amnestic disorder
alder leaved serviceberry
alveolar hypoventilation
ammonium peroxodisulfate
amphibious demonstration
apis mellifera scutellata
apium graveolens rapaceum
area enclosed by earthwork
australian rules football
award someone an incentive
azerbaijani monetary unit


background investigation
beginning of a performance
behavioristic psychology
beyond one’s expectations
biological concentration
biometric authentication
bivariable interpolation
bless someone or something
boiled fish paste products
bowed stringed instrument
bryce canyon national park
buddhist memorial service
buphthalmum salicifolium


cache memory organization
central business district
classified advertisement
cnemidophorus tesselatus
coefficient of absorption
coefficient of elasticity
coefficient of reflection
cognitive neuroscientist
cooperative relationship
coordinating conjunction
cover oneself with clothes
cyamopsis tetragonolobus
cynoglossum virginaticum
cypripedium californicum
cypripedium fasciculatum
cyril northcote parkinson


dacrycarpus dacrydioides
damning with lavish praise
dehumidification machine
developmental psychology
differential coefficient
digital signal processing
diluted hydrochloric acid
dining with one’s superior
door to door entertainment
dorothy rothschild parker
dual inline package switch


eager attitude to learning
education by rote learning
either physical or digital
elizabeth cochrane seaman
emergency medical service
emergency surfacing drill
emilie charlotte le breton
encouragement of industry
encouragement of learning
enthusiastic performance
environmental assessment
environmental monitoring
environmental protection
environmental regulation
environmental technology
environmentally friendly
eriodictyon californicum
eriophorum angustifolium
error correcting protocol
erythema nodosum leprosum
erythroblastosis fetalis
erythronium californicum
esophagogastric junction
especially anger or stress
especially drinking water
establish an organization
eucalyptus camaldulensis
eucaryotic microorganism
eukaryotic microorganism
euonymus radicans vegetus
evil destiny or connection
existence or non existence
existence or nonexistence


fault liability principle
favor someone or something
feign ignorance and insist
female university student
fermentation engineering
fixed exchange rate system
fuscoboletinus serotinus


giant burrowing cockroach
gigantic columns of clouds
gilbert and ellice islands
giovanni battista montini
giovanni battista tiepolo
giovanni francesco albani
giuseppe melchiorre sarto
global positioning system
gods disguised as children
going about one’s business
gottfried wilhelm leibniz
gutierrezia microcephala
gymnocarpium robertianum
gymnospermous yellowwood


hepatocellular carcinoma
hexadecimal number system
hokkaido prefectural road
hugueninia tanacetifolia
hyacinthoides nonscripta
hybrid integrated circuit
hygrophorus purpurascens


icterus galbula bullockii
investigation department
investigative journalism
irresponsible management
islamic party of turkestan


jakob creutzfeldt disease
jean bernard leon foucault
jean francois champollion
jean frederic joliot curie
jean louis charles garnier
jeanne antoinette poisson
jefferson davis’ birthday
jet propulsion laboratory
joseph eggleston johnston
judgment in prior instance
junior high school student
juvenile amaurotic idiocy


kazakhstani monetary unit
kenai fjords national park
kill someone’s enthusiasm
kingdom of the netherlands
kiss me over the garden gate
knowledge representation
kyrgyzstani monetary unit


lagarostrobus franklinii
law enforcement authority
law of constant proportion
leisure season for farmers
leonid fyodorovich myasin
lepidothamnus laxifolius
lewis and clark expedition
limited liability company
lipid lowering medication
lowest common denominator
lycopodium alopecuroides
lymphogranuloma venereum


mammoth cave national park
mauritanian monetary unit
mausoleum at halicarnasus
maximum likelihood method
mcguffey eclectic readers
meconopsis betonicifolia
mefloquine hydrochloride
meperidine hydrochloride
mikhail ivanovich kalinin
mitigating circumstances
municipal administration
myelodysplastic syndrome
mysterious disappearance
mystery or detective genre
mythical dragon like beast


naked as the day one was born
narcissistic personality
naval research laboratory
naval tactical data system
neighborhood association
nelson rolihlahla mandela
network management system
nikolai vasilievich gogol
noise induced hearing loss


obligation of restitution
oblique coordinate system
obstetrics and gynecology
occupational hearing loss
occurring intermittently
omitting the previous part
oncorhynchus tshawytscha
organizational operation
ornithorhynchus anatinus
osaka securities exchange
osip emilevich mandelstam
otaheite arrowroot starch
oxford english dictionary
ozothamnus secundiflorus


pagophilus groenlandicus
pauli exclusion principle
people’s mujahidin of iran
people’s republic of china
pharmaceutical inspector
pharmacological activity
phenomenal consciousness
philanthropic foundation
philosophical principles
piezoelectric oscillator
pomacentrus leucostictus
pomolobus pseudoharengus
psychological experiment
pterospermum acerifolium
pteroylmonoglutamic acid
pupil excelling his master
pycnanthemum virginianum


ragnar anton kittil frisch
raymond thornton chandler
rhodosphaera rhodanthema
rinse something with water
rite of scattering flowers
roger huntington sessions
royal national eisteddfod
royal ulster constabulary
rutherford birchard hayes


saccharomyces cerevisiae
saddled shaped false morel
sagittarius serpentarius
science of classification
sequoiadendron giganteum
sewage treatment facility
sierra leone monetary unit
sir anthony philip hopkins
sir bernard law montgomery
sir ralph david richardson
sir richard francis burton
sister chromatid exchange
sisymbrium tanacetifolia
skewered baby eel kabayaki
smelling of raw vegetation
sodium hydrogen carbonate
soviet socialist republic
sri jayawardenepura kotte
sudden and dramatic change
sudden and without warning
sudden mental derangement
suffer consecutive losses
suffer from nervous strain
suffering from summer heat
suit one’s own convenience
suspension of performance
suspension of power supply
suspension of publication
suspension of water supply


tactical air control party
tajikistani monetary unit
technological assistance
technological innovation
technological revolution
technological university
tiananmen square incident
tibialis posterior muscle
tightening of regulations
tjalling charles koopmans
total harmonic distortion
total internal reflection
two factor authentication
tympanuchus cupido cupido
tyrosine kinase inhibitor


ulmus hollandica vegetata
ultimate tensile strength
ultrafiltration membrane
ultraviolet illumination
umbellularia californica
upper legislative chamber
upper secondary education
upright floating tea stalk
urbanization control area
urocyon cinereoargenteus
ursus arctos middendorffi
uzbekistani monetary unit


vastus intermedius muscle
vector borne transmission
ventricular fibrillation
video conferencing system
volatile organic compound


weapon of mass destruction
wedding reception banquet
weekly pictorial magazine
wet bulb globe temperature
wire frame representation


xanthosoma sagittifolium


yugoslavian monetary unit
yuri alekseyevich gagarin


zero suppression function