abdominal actinomycosis
abdominal circumference
abductor pollicis brevis
abductor pollicis longus
ability to appreciate art
abolition of regulations
abu hafs al masri brigades
academic university unit
acquired characteristic
adapting to the situation
addition and subtraction
adenosine monophosphate
adjustment of production
administrative building
administrative district
administrative division
administrative expenses
administrative guidance
administrative official
adrenal cortical steroid
aesthetic consciousness
african american english
african scented mahogany
agricultural department
agricultural high school
agricultural production
agricultural revolution
agricultural technology
agricultural university
agriculture and forestry
agriculture and industry
alcohol with liquor added
almanac of seasonal words
alphabetic character set
alphanumeric characters
amorphous semiconductor
amsonia tabernaemontana
amygdalus communis amara
answer one’s own question
apis mellifera adansonii
area between the eyebrows
area under direct control
argument based on emotion
arrangement for a meeting
arrangement of resources
artificial insemination
artificial intelligence
ascending and descending
asian african conference
asymmetric cryptography
atmospheric circulation
atmospheric electricity
atmospheric perspective
atmospheric temperature
atomic energy commission
atrioventricular bundle
attribute specification
augmented operation code
australian pitcher plant
autonomic nervous system
avenge oneself on someone


bahrainian monetary unit
battery electric vehicle
beg someone for something
beginning of competition
beginning of hostilities
best article under heaven
bibliographic reference
bose einstein statistics
boselaphus tragocamelus
boundary representation
business administration


caesalpinia pulcherrima
causative microorganism
central african republic
cephalotus follicularis
certification authority
cessation of hostilities
cessation of publication
chronic fatigue syndrome
city facility management
cnemidophorus exsanguis
cobalt radiation therapy
code extension character
coefficient of expansion
coefficient of extension
coefficient of variation
coefficient of viscosity
cucumis melo reticulatus
cultural anthropologist
cupressus guadalupensis
cylindrical coordinates
cynocephalus variegatus
cypripedium parviflorum


dalmatian chrysanthemum
davalia bullata mariesii
david john moore cornwell
development environment
diastolic blood pressure
differential psychology
digital signal processor
dilute hydrochloric acid
diminishing equilibrium
diode function generator
diplomatic negotiations
diplomatic turn of phrase
duncan james corrow grant
duodecimal number system
dwelling place of hermits
dynamic characteristics


eating or living together
eating with one’s fingers
echidnophaga gallinacea
echinochloa frumentacea
echographic examination
edgard lawrence doctorow
edna saint vincent millay
educational institution
edward kennedy ellington
edwin arlington robinson
effective radiated power
elastic potential energy
eldest son’s descendants
eligibility for election
elizabeth palmer peabody
emergency contraception
emergency contraceptive
emergency volcanic alert
emulsion polymerization
enforcement regulations
environment description
environmental chemistry
environmental condition
environmental education
environmental pollution
environmental scientist
environmental variation
erechtites hieracifolia
erigeron philadelphicus
erik adolf von willebrand
ernestine schumann heink
error handling mechanism
erskine preston caldwell
especially a superior one
especially cloth or paper
especially due to illness
especially during autumn
especially money or goods
especially to television
establishment of a nation
establishment of the port
estimated time of arrival
etymological dictionary
eucalyptus delegatensis
eucalyptusd eugenioides
evacuation from the front
evolutionary psychology
executive vice president
existential philosopher


fagus sylvatica purpurea
fahd ibn abdel aziz al saud
favorable circumstances
federal bureau of prisons
federal security service
federal trade commission
ferroelectric capacitor
fictitious business trip
fitting to one’s position
fluorescence microscope
fluorescence microscopy
focusing one’s efforts on
foeniculum vulgare dulce
fractional distillation
frictional unemployment
fundamental interaction
fuscoboletinus paluster
future progressive tense


giant magnetoresistance
giant northwest shipworm
gilbert keith chesterton
giovanni jacopo casanova
giovanni lorenzo bernini
giovanni mastai ferretti
glycogen storage disease
going out of business sale
going over someone’s head
gorilla gorilla beringei
gotthold ephraim lessing
government and the people
government intervention
government manufactured
grudges and hard feelings
guidance and supervision
guided missile destroyer
gymnadenia odoratissima
gymnocarpium dryopteris
gymnogyps californianus


hesperiphona vespertina
hierarchical file system
hipped roof construction
horizontal distribution
house of representatives
hyaline membrane disease


identification division
identification particle
identity transformation
initial stage appearance
initiations or blessings
irresponsible criticism
irritable bowel syndrome
isabella stewart gardner
island government office
issue without discretion
italian vegetable marrow
item of excellent quality
ivan sergeevich turgenev


jan evangelista purkinje
jens otto harry jespersen
josef michel montgolfier
joseph emerson worcester
judging from appearances
juvenile training school


kendall rank correlation
kennelly heaviside layer


lavrenti pavlovich beria
leishmaniasis americana
lemaireocereus chichipe
length measuring machine
leonard constant lambert
lepisorus thunbergianus
letter of recommendation
letter of responsibility
leucogenes leontopodium
licensed practical nurse
liriodendron tulipifera
listening comprehension
loyalist volunteer force
lycopersicon esculentum


maple syrup urine disease
maximum parsimony method
maximum permissible dose
meclizine hydrochloride
mikhail ivanovich glinka
mitigating circumstance
mitigation and remission
mixing and using together
mixture of various things
mozambique monetary unit
myocardial inflammation


navigational instrument
near field communication
neat personal appearance
neatness and cleanliness
negative identification
neighboring prefectures
network service provider
neutralization reaction
nierembergia frutescens
noble’s private quarters
nuclear power generation
nuclear transplantation
nursery school principal
nutritional information
nyctereutes procyonides


object oriented database
object oriented language
objects crowded together
oblique arytenoid muscle
omnidirectional antenna
onomatopoeia for licking
opponens pollicis muscle
opportunistic infection
orbicularis oculi muscle
ordinary commercial bank
organometallic compound
ornithogalum pyrenaicum
ornithogalum thyrsoides
ornithogalum umbellatum
orthodox catholic church
orthostatic disturbance
orthostatic hypotension
osteogenesis imperfecta
oxidized ldl cholesterol


paul adrien maurice dirac
payment to the government
pecuniary embarrassment
peloponnesian peninsula
people to people exchange
people’s liberation army
people’s republican army
pharmaceutical industry
philadelphia chromosome
phrase structure grammar
phthorimaea operculella
physical rehabilitation
physiological condition
podocarpus dacrydioides
population distribution
pouring one’s energy into
prunus persica nectarina
psychiatric examination
psychological condition
psychological counselor
psychological operation
pteretis struthiopteris
pterocarpus macrocarpus
pterocarya fraxinifolia
pteropogon humboltianum
publication information


random number generation
request for instructions
requiring little trouble
rhomboideus major muscle
rhythm and blues musician
romanesque architecture
ruler’s private property


saddle between mountains
saddle block anaesthesia
sagebrush mariposa tulip
satellite communication
saxifraga oppositifolia
sceloporus occidentalis
scentless false camomile
segway human transporter
separation from the world
seychelles monetary unit
sick and wounded soldiers
sir james augustus murray
sister city relationship
sitting back and watching
six classes of characters
six year secondary school
smell of something rotten
sodium tripolyphosphate
sovereignty of the people
splendid accomplishment
styrene butadiene rubber
succession to the peerage
sudden increase of prices
sudden rise in prosperity
suddenly becoming bright
suffer physical distress
suspension of operations
sustainable development
symbolic representation


tautogolabrus adspersus
technical specification
temperature coefficient
temperature measurement
temporomandibular joint
thylacinus cynocephalus
tibialis anterior muscle
toxic epidermal necrosis
tunica conjunctiva bulbi


ultimate responsibility
unauthorized accounting
unknown historical facts
unlicensed radio station
unofficial announcement
unprofitable department
urinate unintentionally
urinating by the roadside
using unreliable sources
usual business practices


vaccinium angustifolium
vegetative reproduction
vestibulocochlear nerve
vibration regulation act
vibrio parahaemolyticus
vietnamese monetary unit
viola tricolor hortensis
violently rushing stream
violet tinged with indigo
viverricula malaccensis
von willebrand’s disease


wait for one’s punishment
wireless internet access


zantedeschia aethiopica
zauschneria californica
zero address instruction
zygomaticus major muscle
zygomaticus minor muscle