abandon oneself to grief
abdominal rectus muscle
abelmoschus esculentus
ability to pay principle
absorption coefficient
academic administrator
acetylcholine receptor
achievement in the world
adaptive control system
additive manufacturing
address administration
adenosine triphosphate
administrative ability
administrative affairs
administrative hearing
administrative officer
administrator of a manor
admiration and devotion
adrenocortical hormone
aeschynanthus radicans
aesculus hippocastanum
aesthetic appreciation
african forest elephant
agglutinating activity
agglutination reaction
agglutinative language
agkistrodon contortrix
agkistrodon piscivorus
agricultural chemicals
agricultural chemistry
agricultural community
agricultural economics
agricultural insurance
agricultural machinery
agricultural off season
agriculture department
ailuropoda melanoleuca
aleksandr solzhenitsyn
alexander melville bell
alexander the liberator
alfred joseph hitchcock
alien registration card
alienation of affection
alkyl benzene sulfonate
almost forget something
along the southern coast
alphanumeric character
alstroemeria pelegrina
alteration of a document
alternative hypothesis
alveolar rhabdosarcoma
ambassador’s residence
amino acid fermentation
amount of precipitation
amount of radioactivity
amphibious assault ship
ancient and modern times
ankylosing spondylitis
answer instantaneously
anything and everything
area of cardiac dullness
arenaria serpyllifolia
argentine monetary unit
arnold chiari deformity
artificial respiration
ascii control character
asian longhorned beetle
asiatic flying squirrel
asynchronous operation
asynchronous procedure
atmosphere of a painting
atmospheric phenomenon
atomic force microscope
atomic force microscopy
atrioventricular block
atrioventricular trunk
atrioventricular valve
auditory communication
auditory hallucination
august ferdinand mobius
aureolaria pedicularia
auricular fibrillation
australian honeysuckle
austro hungarian empire
automatic transmission
auxiliary organization
awaiting an opportunity


becoming sophisticated
beginning construction
being representative of
bernoulli distribution
between husband and wife
beyond a shadow of a doubt
bhutanese monetary unit
bibliographic database
bidirectional printing
biquadratic polynomial
boeuf fondu bourguignon
boisterous merrymaking
bombing the wrong target
boundary element method
box lunches for delivery
boys’ may festival dolls
bubbles in boiling water
building certification
building coverage ratio
bundle and bind together
buying and eating sweets
buying in small quantity
buying more than selling


caesalpinia bonducella
caesalpinia decapetala
central processing unit
chief executive officer
chief financial officer
chief operating officer
civil engineering state
classical conditioning
coefficient of friction
cognitive neuroscience
copyright infringement
coquilles saint jacques
cover the entire surface
criminal investigation
cucurbita argyrosperma
cucurbita foetidissima
cucurbita pepo melopepo
cultural appropriation
cupressus sempervirens
cyclic oligosaccharide
cyclic redundancy check
cylindrical projection
cynodon plectostachyum
cynoglossum officinale


daggertooth pike conger
damage from cold weather
dashing forward bravely
database administrator
development capability
dexamethasone intensol
diagnosis and treatment
differential amplifier
differential diagnosis
differential threshold
difficult to understand
digital authentication
digital representation
digital subscriber line
diligence and indolence
dimensionless quantity
dimethyl terephthalate
dioscorea elephantipes
diplomatic intercourse
door to door entertainer
duchesse de valentinois
dudley stuart john moore
duke of argyll’s tea tree
dumetella carolinensis
during absence from home
duty of confidentiality
dwight david eisenhower


eastern orthodox church
ebola hemorrhagic fever
ectopistes migratorius
ecuadoran monetary unit
educational background
educational counseling
educational facilities
educational psychology
educational technology
edward benjamin britten
edward douglas white jr.
edward james muggeridge
edward vincent sullivan
effective transfer rate
eight principles of yong
electrical engineering
electrolytic capacitor
elimination tournament
elinor morton hoyt wylie
ellipsoid of revolution
emission spectrography
emotional attachment to
emotional intelligence
employment opportunity
engineering department
enlightenment movement
enlistment in a military
entertainment district
entertainment industry
environmental activist
environmental business
environmental disaster
environmental practice
environmental research
environmental standard
eosinophilic leukocyte
eretmochelys imbricata
erik alfred leslie satie
ernest orlando lawrence
ernst werner von siemens
error correcting memory
escaping the summer heat
especially fold clothes
especially for students
especially high spirits
especially of a document
essential hypertension
established reputation
eucalyptus fraxinoides
euonymus atropurpureus
evangelista torricelli
evolutionary biologist
examining and comparing
examining by percussion
existent or non existent
existential philosophy
existential quantifier
exit involving a descent


fagus sylvatica pendula
fahrenheit thermometer
favourable opportunity
fearless determination
feature in a publication
federal aviation agency
federal security bureau
federated relationship
feeling of independence
fertilization membrane
fertilizer application
festivity or conference
fictitious transaction
ficus carica sylvestris
fifty percent reduction
fixed point observation
focus of one’s attention
foundation improvement
frequency distribution
fruit and vegetable shop
functional programming
fused salt electrolysis


gaius cornelius tacitus
gaius valerius catullus
gathering of haiku poets
gathering of tanka poets
gideon algernon mantell
ginglymostoma cirratum
giovanni angelo braschi
giovanni vincenzo pecci
giraffa camelopardalis
global financial crisis
glutathione peroxidase
going the whole distance
gorilla gorilla gorilla
gospel according to john
gospel according to luke
gospel according to mark
governing institutions
government expenditure
government railway line
government secretariat
governmental authority
gubernatorial campaign
gubernatorial election
gustav robert kirchhoff
gustavus franklin swift
gymnastics competition
gymnopilus spectabilis
gymnopilus ventricosus
gyromitra sphaerospora


habenaria unalascensis
hawker’s or vendor’s cry
hematopoietic stem cell
hibiscus heterophyllus
hierarchical directory
hierarchical structure
hieroglyphic character
hindsight based opinion
hippopotamus amphibius
historical information
historical linguistics
historical materialism
history of architecture
hit or strike repeatedly
hitting a dangerous spot
honeycomb construction
horizontal integration
hospital emergency room
housing administration
hurt someone’s feelings
hybrid electric vehicle
hybrid tuberous begonia
hygrophorus kauffmanii
hysterical personality


icterus galbula galbula
if circumstances permit
igor ivanovich sikorsky
illumination intensity
imaginative comparison
information management
information processing
information technology
ingratiating behaviour
initial public offering
initialization section
input output controller
inversely proportional
iraqi national congress
irrigation association
islamic fundamentalism
islamic republic of iran
isle royal national park
itinerant buddhist monk
ivor armstrong richards
ivory billed woodpecker


jarvik artificial heart
jean baptiste de lamarck
jordanian monetary unit
joseph alois schumpeter
joseph lincoln steffens
joseph raymond mccarthy
journal of one’s travels
journalist’s privilege
jumping on the bandwagon
jupiter optimus maximus
jurisdictional dispute
just lapping the surface
juvenile onset diabetes


kennedy interrnational
ketamine hydrochloride
ketorolac tromethamine
kindergarten principal
klebs loeffler bacillus
klinefelter’s syndrome
knight of the round table
knight of the square flag
kurdistan workers party


lagarostrobus colensoi
lagerstroemia speciosa
lake clark national park
landscape architecture
lavandula angustifolia
lecturing to the emperor
left from previous month
leiophyllum buxifolium
lesser butterfly orchid
leucadendron argenteum
lexical disambiguation
liability with interest
liability without fault
licensed tax accountant
lipid lowering medicine
listeria monocytogenes
loiseleuria procumbens
longitudinal direction
lope felix de vega carpio
lord george gordon byron
lorentz transformation
loyalty and filial piety
luminous intensity unit
lycopodium complanatum
lymphoblastic leukemia
lysimachia quadrifolia


magnetic field strength
major volcanic eruption
mathematical operation
mauritian monetary unit
maximilian’s sunflower
means of transportation
measurement limitation
mechanical engineering
mechanical translation
meet behind closed doors
meet someone by accident
membership certificate
message identification
meuse argonne operation
mixing business and golf
mobile network operator
moehringia lateriflora
most impressive passage
muggy and uncomfortable
muhlenbergia schreberi
multidimensional array
municipal organisation
municipal organization
mutual incompatibility
mycenaean civilisation
mycenaean civilization


naphthenic hydrocarbon
narrow escape from death
needlepoint embroidery
neighboring prefecture
neonatal mortality rate
nerve block anaesthesia
network administration
network infrastructure
neuromuscular junction
nierembergia rivularis
nitrogenous fertilizer
nocturnal luminescence
nominal national income
nominally and virtually
nonprofit organization
nuisance to other people
numeric representation
nurses’ training school
nutritional supplement
nutritionist’s calorie
nycticebus tardigradua


observation helicopter
observation meditation
obstruction of business
occasional impressions
occipital protuberance
occupational therapist
ocean surveillance ship
odocoileus virginianus
often an undesirable one
onion yellow dwarf virus
onobrychis viciaefolia
onoclea struthiopteris
oral contraceptive pill
orbicularis oris muscle
orchid of western origin
oreopteris limbosperma
organization committee
organizational climate
organizational culture
organizational inertia
ornamental garden stone
ornithischian dinosaur
ovulation inducing drug


pakistani monetary unit
pectoralis major muscle
pectoralis minor muscle
people accompanying one
people of similar tastes
pessimistic view of life
petrochemical industry
pharmaceutical affairs
pharmaceutical chemist
pharmaceutical company
philanthropic activity
philosophical doctrine
philosophy of education
phlegmatic temperament
physiological function
physiological property
physiological reaction
piece of identification
piezoelectric vibrator
pneumococcal pneumonia
pneumocystis pneumonia
poaching fish or seafood
podicipitiform seabird
poecilocapsus lineatus
poet’s mood when writing
pomoxis nigromaculatus
poor production quality
popular representation
potassium permanganate
poverty and inferiority
pseudomonas aeruginosa
psychological disorder
psychological medicine
psychological strength
pterocarpus angolensis
pterocarpus santalinus
pulmonary tuberculosis
punctuated equilibrium
pyotr ilych tchaikovsky
pyxidanthera barbulata


random number generator
rapid eye movement sleep
rapidly growing company
raymond bernard cattell
rehabilitation program
reinforcement learning
request for examination
reverse discrimination
rheumatic heart disease
rheumatoid spondylitis
rhinitis sicca anterior
rhyacotriton olympicus
rhynchoelaps australis
rudolf ludwig mossbauer
ruling party legislator
russian orthodox church


saddle block anesthesia
sarcoplasmic reticulum
satellite broadcasting
satisfaction guarantee
satisfactory condition
saxifraga occidentalis
science and mathematics
scientific agriculture
scientific methodology
scleropages leichardti
scuttling one’s own boat
sedge used for thatching
segment transformation
semipermeable membrane
sense of responsibility
separation from a person
sewing machine operator
shrink before something
shrink wrapped software
shuffling on one’s knees
shush or silence someone
sickleweed golden aster
sierra madre occidental
sierra nevada mountains
significant difference
simultaneous equations
sir alexander mackenzie
sir henry morton stanley
sir james paul mccartney
skeleton in the cupboard
sleeping accommodation
smelling of the seashore
smiling while looking at
software configuration
spherical trigonometry
spontaneous generation
sri lankan monetary unit
successful performance
successful vaccination
suddenly and forcefully
suffer a crushing defeat
suspension of an account
sutura intermaxillaris
svante august arrhenius
synchronization source
systolic blood pressure


tactical nuclear weapon
take into consideration
take responsibility for
technical civilization
technological solution
television personality
television transmitter
terrorist organization
tetanus immunoglobulin
textual representation
thorough understanding
tibet autonomous region
titanium tetrachloride
token passing procedure
tokyo government office
tokyo metropolitan area
toxicodendron radicans
tumultuous disturbance


ultrasound examination
unemployment insurance
unfavorable comparison
ungrammatical sentence
unmanned aerial vehicle
unwritten constitution
upper respiratory tract
upper triangular matrix
urea formaldehyde resin
urgent countermeasures
urging someone to resign
urinary tract infection
ursus arctos horribilis
uruguayan monetary unit
use of goods and services
using the same retainers


vacuum fluorescent tube
vaginal trichomoniasis
vain boasting or bluster
valuable consideration
vastus lateralis muscle
vegetative propagation
vehicle classification
veterans of foreign wars
victorian architecture
video cassette recorder
videocassette recorder
viktor lvovich korchnoi
village lacking a doctor
violent internal strife
virtual private network
vladimir ilyich ulyanov
vladimir kosma zworykin
voluntary unemployment
volunteer organization
voter registration list
vows of religious orders
voyageurs national park


waiting impatiently for
waver in exerting effort
way of arranging flowers
ways and means committee
werdnig hoffman disease
wise and virtuous person
within walking distance
wolf in sheep’s clothing
wolfgang amadeus mozart
woman of perennial youth
woman’s beauty or charms
women’s rights movement
wouldn’t do for anything
written representation


xestobium rufovillosum


zalophus californianus
zannichellia palustris
zanthoxylum americanum
zonotrichia albicollis
zonotrichia leucophrys