abandoned railway line
abatement of a nuisance
abbott lawrence lowell
abdominal nerve plexus
abdominal respiration
abdominal support belt
abdominal wall abscess
abelmoschus moschatus
ability to concentrate
abnormal underarm odor
aboriginal australian
abu nidal organization
achilles tendon reflex
acidophilic leukocyte
acquisition agreement
adaptive expectations
additional collection
adeno associated virus
adenosine diphosphate
administration bureau
administrative agency
administrative policy
administrative reform
administrative region
adrenal cortex hormone
african american music
african bowstring hemp
aggregation pheromone
aglaomorpha meyeniana
agonize over something
agricultural chemical
agricultural disaster
agricultural facility
agricultural labourer
agricultural products
agricultural soldiers
agriculture secretary
aimee semple mcpherson
albanian monetary unit
aldabra giant tortoise
aldrovanda vesiculosa
alexander archipelago
alfred north whitehead
algae forming pond scum
algerian monetary unit
alien registration act
alphabetical notation
alternative liability
amateur sumo wrestling
ambassador of goodwill
ambitious undertaking
american sign language
amsinckia grandiflora
amyloid protein plaque
analog representation
analytic continuation
ancient human skeleton
animate traditionally
annual general meeting
anonymous association
anonymous partnership
anxious to do something
apalachicola rosemary
apium graveolens dulce
arbitrage transaction
arbitrary panel layout
ardisia escallonoides
arnold schwarzenegger
around the clock system
arrange to do something
arrival before another
asian development bank
aspergillus fumigatus
ateria gastrica dextra
atlantic spiny dogfish
atlantic standard time
atmospheric condition
atrioventricular node
audio visual classroom
audiovisual classroom
audiovisual equipment
augustin eugene scribe
auspicious appearance
australian coral snake
australian labor party
austrian monetary unit
austronesian language
average monthly salary
aversive conditioning
avicennia officinalis
avogadro’s hypothesis
awareness of the issues
azerbajdzhan republic
azuchi momoyama period


bamboo imitation sword
behavior modification
behavioral psychology
bibliographic element
bicameral legislature
binding relationships
binomial distribution
binomial nomenclature
boarding announcement
bolivian monetary unit
bosnia and herzegovina
bossing someone around
boundary value problem
boy orator of the platte
boykinia occidentalis
building construction
building standards act
business intelligence
business organization
buying all of something
buying through an agent


caesalpinia gilliesii
caffeine intoxication
central nervous system
cephalopterus ornatus
certificate authority
certificate of deposit
cessation of breathing
chlamydia trachomatis
chlorine disinfection
cinnamomum zeylanicum
cistothorus palustris
cistothorus platensis
classification system
clinical psychologist
clyde william tombaugh
cockpit voice recorder
cognitive disturbance
cognitive linguistics
cooperative structure
coordination compound
copyright declaration
cosmological constant
crime against humanity
ctenocephalides canis
ctenocephalides felis
cultivated strawberry
cultural anthropology
cumulative imposition
cumulative percentage
cyamopsis psoraloides
cylindrical container
cynanchum rostellatum
cyperus alternifolius
cypripedium arietinum
cypripedium calceolus
cystopteris bulbifera


dacrydium cupressinum
dalbergia stevensonii
dangerous undertaking
david alfaro siqueiros
david barnard steinman
david glasgow farragut
david herbert lawrence
dawson’s encephalitis
dehydrated vegetables
delivery notification
detailed instructions
determined expression
developing friendship
developmental biology
device characteristic
dictionary definition
didelphis marsupialis
dielectric absorption
differential calculus
differential equation
differential geometry
digital communication
dilation and curettage
dimensional stability
directly proportional
door to door canvassing
during a telephone call
dwarf flowering almond
dwarf golden chinkapin
dying for one’s country
dying of natural causes
dying while still young


eaton lambert syndrome
echinochloa crusgalli
eczema hypertrophicum
edith giovanna gassion
editorial staff member
editorial supervision
education and learning
edward estlin cummings
edward franklin albeen
edward williams morley
effective compression
effective sensitivity
egyptian islamic jihad
egyptian monetary unit
eicosapentaenoic acid
eight extremities fist
electrical resistance
elizabeth cady stanton
emancipation of slaves
embryonic development
emergency power source
emergency power supply
emil klaus julius fuchs
emit or discharge semen
emmanthe penduliflora
emotional disturbance
emotional instability
emotionally uplifting
employment adjustment
employment assistance
employment separation
employment statistics
encouragement to study
encryption technology
endoplasmic reticulum
energy saving measures
energy saving strategy
enforcement ordinance
english speaking world
enroll in kindergarten
environment dependent
environmental hygiene
environmental measure
environmental migrant
environmental problem
environmental refugee
environmental science
environmental studies
environmental testing
equivalence operation
equivalence principle
eragrostic abyssinica
erb duchenne paralysis
erigonum fasciculatum
ernst heinrich haeckel
erosion control forest
error handling routine
error recovery routine
eruca vesicaria sativa
erythrina crista galli
especially when eating
established by the town
established by the ward
established formality
ethical consideration
ethnic discrimination
eucalypt tereticornis
eucalyptus amygdalina
eucalyptus calophylla
eucalyptus citriodora
eucalyptus pauciflora
eulogy for the deceased
examination of tickets
examination questions
examining by reference
execution environment
execution of a criminal
executive functioning
exhausted combination
exhaustive and precise
exquisite performance


favourable conditions
favourable impression
federal reserve system
female college student
festival of seven herbs
financial institution
fixed amount insurance
fixed or appointed date
fixed return insurance
fluorescent substance
following right course
friendly relationship
fuel economy standards
fundamental frequency
fundamental principle
fundamental procedure


gaining enlightenment
gaius cassius longinus
gaius plinius secundus
gangster organization
gather a group together
gather in large numbers
gathering and bundling
gathering information
gaultheria procumbens
gaussian distribution
giant oceanic manta ray
gilbert charles stuart
giovanni battista cibo
giovanni da verrazzano
giovanni di bernardone
girlfriend experience
gleditsia triacanthos
gleichenia flabellata
glenn theodore seaborg
glucose tolerance test
gnaeus julius agricola
gnaeus pompeius magnus
gnaphalium sylvaticum
going around in circles
going beyond authority
going home after school
going to sleep suddenly
going together of words
gonadotrophic hormone
gorilla gorilla grauri
governing institution
government affiliated
government department
government enterprise
government management
government of a country
government permission
government securities
gross domestic product
gross national product
guarantee association
gustav theodor fechner
gutierrezia sarothrae
gypsophila paniculata
gyromitra californica


haemulon aurolineatum
happily married couple
happy life partnership
hawaiian honeycreeper
heilongjiang province
heinrich rudolph hertz
heinrich theodor boell
henri toulouse lautrec
henry valentine miller
hepatic insufficiency
heterocyclic compound
heterodyne oscillator
heterogeneous mixture
hibiscus rosa sinensis
hieracium aurantiacum
hierarchical database
hierarchical notation
hierarchical relation
hippocampal formation
historical background
historical dictionary
historical discussion
historical philosophy
hoe shaped helmet crest
how something comes out
huge amount of material
hugo alvar henrik aalto
hugo von hoffmannsthal
hyacinthus orientalis
hygrocybe acutoconica
hygrophorus caeruleus
hygrophorus marzuolus
hylactophryne augusti
hylobates syndactylus
hylocichla fuscescens
hylophylax naevioides
hymenoxys grandiflora


identification manual
identification number
identification papers
identity confirmation
identity verification
if circumstances allow
igor yevgeneevich tamm
illustrative sentence
immaculate conception
immediately following
inadequately defended
inauguration ceremony
initial configuration
initial investigation
input output processor
input output statement
irrational expression
ischemic heart disease
isidor feinstein stone
islamic calendar month
isolating transformer
isolation transformer
issue a follow up report
isthmus of tehuantepec
itching to do something
item by item discussion
itinerant entertainer


jakob ludwig karl grimm
james abraham garfield
james douglas morrison
japanese encephalitis
jaundice of the newborn
jean baptiste poquelin
job placement magazine
jobs available section
joseph louis gay lussac
joseph rudyard kipling
joseph warren stilwell
judge advocate general
judgement of dismissal
judgement on the merits
judges and prosecutors
judgment of conviction
julius winfield erving
jumping to a conclusion
juridical personality
justice and compassion


kaspar friedrich wolff
kenneth bancroft clark
ketosis prone diabetes
killing with bare hands
klebsiella pneumoniae
knight in shining armor
knowledge engineering
knowledge information
korsakoff’s psychosis
kosteletzya virginica
kowtowing in deference
krebs citric acid cycle


laguncularia racemosa
lavandula officinalis
law enforcement agency
lebanese monetary unit
lecture demonstration
left atrium of the heart
lengthy consideration
leonid ilyich brezhnev
leonotis nepetaefolia
lepidochelys olivacea
lesser prairie chicken
lesser rhomboid muscle
lesson or teaching plan
leucaena leucocephala
leucanthemum lacustre
licensing examination
life insurance company
lilium philadelphicum
listening with respect
lofortyx californicus
lophodytes cucullatus
lophophora williamsii
lord’s resistance army
loyalty and patriotism
ludwig mies van der rohe
luis de gongora y argote
lunar excursion module
luscinia megarhynchos
lygodium microphyllum
lymph node enlargement
lymphatic temperament
lyrurus mlokosiewiczi
lysichiton americanum
lysimachia nummularia
lysimachia terrestris


madagascar periwinkle
mahernia verticillata
malicious prosecution
mammuthus primigenius
mathematical function
maxillary prognathism
mechanical phenomenon
mechanical technology
mechanically skillful
mechanics of materials
meckel’s diverticulum
megaloblastic anaemia
mental representation
middle cerebral artery
migratory anticyclone
migratory grasshopper
mirabilis californica
miyamayomena savateri
mobile communications
molecular beam epitaxy
molecular electronics
molecular engineering
moment magnitude scale
most significant digit
mumification necrosis
munchausen’s syndrome
municipal engineering
municipal expenditure
mycoplasmal pneumonia
myelinated nerve fiber
myeloblastic leukemia
myocardial infarction
myrmecobius fasciatus
mysterious occurrence
mysterious profundity


name your price auction
naphthalene poisoning
navier stokes equation
neatly or cleverly made
necessary information
necrotizing enteritis
necrotizing fasciitis
negative consequences
negative interest rate
negative magnetic pole
negative prescription
negotiable instrument
neighboring countries
neighboring districts
neighborly friendship
neighbouring villages
neisseria gonorrhoeae
nematic liquid crystal
nepalese monetary unit
nerve block anesthesia
network administrator
network configuration
network interface card
neurological disorder
nickel and copper alloy
nickel cadmium battery
niels henrik david bohr
nuclear proliferation
numerical integration
nurse patient relation
nursery school teacher
nycticorax nycticorax
nymphicus hollandicus


object of a preposition
obliqueness hierarchy
observation equipment
obstruction of justice
obtuse angled triangle
occupation and defence
occupational category
occupational deafness
occupying the same room
oceanic whitetip shark
often a foreign country
omission of a character
omitting crucial steps
omitting some passages
omnidirectional range
online data processing
online problem solving
onobrychis viciifolia
operating environment
ophioglossum pendulum
ophthalmia neonatorum
opposition diet member
opposition in the heart
optical communication
orectolobus japonicus
oreortyx picta palmeri
organ transplantation
organizational reform
organizational theory
ornithophilous flower
orthodontic treatment
orthogonal complement
orthogonal opposition
oryctolagus cuniculus
oscar palmer robertson
other people’s affairs
others’ opinions of one
our lady’s mild thistle
owned by the prefecture
ownership of something
oxyuranus scutellatus


page coordinate system
pagellus centrodontus
phenotypic plasticity
philanthropic society
philosophy department
philosophy of business
philosophy of language
philosophy of religion
phlebotomus papatasii
phlegmasia alba dolens
physical anthropology
physical distribution
piezoelectric crystal
piezoelectric element
piranga flava hepatica
podocarpus ferruginea
podocarpus latifolius
poecilogale albinucha
political correctness
potential temperature
pouring one’s own drink
practical application
prumnopitys taxifolia
prunus alleghaniensis
prunus cerasus marasca
psychological feature
psychological science
psychological tactics
psychological warfare
psychology department
pterocarpus marsupium
public administration
public transportation
pulmonary circulation
punctuation character


quantitative analysis


rabbit eared bandicoot
racial discrimination
ralph vaughan williams
raster image processor
regenerative medicine
relative organization
renormalization group
requirements analysis
requirements contract
reuben lucius goldberg
reverse transcriptase
reverse transcription
rhetorical flourishes
rhododendron viscosum
ribbon representation
riot control operation
river breaking through
road through the middle
robert louis stevenson
robert william service
romantic relationship
rumohra adiantiformis


safety administration
sagacity of one’s years
sagittarius the archer
sampling distribution
sapir whorf hypothesis
saponaria officinalis
satellite transmitter
saturday night special
saxifraga sarmentosam
saxifraga stolonifera
say over one’s shoulder
sceloglaux albifacies
scientific calculator
scientific capability
scientific discipline
scientific instrument
scientific laboratory
scientific management
scientific revolution
scintillation counter
scleroderma aurantium
scleroderma flavidium
sebastodes ruberrimus
seborrheic dermatitis
sedative hypnotic drug
separate jurisdiction
separate sheet of paper
sexual characteristic
sexual discrimination
sick building syndrome
signal transformation
signature recognition
significant condition
simple authentication
sir geoffrey wilkinson
sir james george frazer
sir james young simpson
sir oliver joseph lodge
sisymbrium officinale
smiledon californicus
soaring through the air
social responsibility
social security number
sodium orthophosphate
software architecture
something problematic
spherical coordinates
successive occurrence
sudanese monetary unit
suddenly or completely
suspension of a meeting
suspension of business
suspicious expression
swallowtail butterfly
sylvilagus floridanus
sympathetic vibration
symptomatic treatment
synchronized swimming
synchrotron radiation
system control program


tactical intelligence
tadarida brasiliensis
tailor’s cutting board
talking something over
tapering toward the end
tapping on the shoulder
taurotragus derbianus
technical cooperation
technical information
technical proficiency
technical requirement
technology assessment
technology revolution
television commercial
temperature reduction
temporary certificate
temporary legislation
territorial integrity
texas independence day
textile industrialist
textile manufacturing
thyme leaved speedwell
thyroarytenoid muscle
thysanopterous insect
tibeto burman language
ticket vending machine
tickle someone’s fancy
tidal power generation
tightly coupled system
tobias george smollett
tokyo stock price index
tolerable daily intake
toxic industrial waste
toxic substance in lead
toy manchester terrier
tsutsugamushi disease
tumour necrosis factor
tunisian monetary unit
twenty four hour period
two days after tomorrow
two dimensional figure
tyranny of the majority


ukranian monetary unit
ultrahigh temperature
ultrasonic microscope
ultraviolet radiation
ultraviolet treatment
umbrella organization
unbelievable good luck
unexpected occurrence
unexpected opposition
unfavorable criticism
unfavorable situation
unfinished manuscript
unfortunate statement
unhygienic conditions
unknown circumstances
unknown person’s grave
unlicensed prostitute
unlimited partnership
upper and lower classes
use according to custom
use without permission
using all combinations
ustilaginoidea virens
usually the ocean floor


variable substitution
vast stock of knowledge
vastus medialis muscle
vegetable hummingbird
vestibule of the vagina
vigdis finnbogadottir
vladimir ilich ulyanov
voluntary partnership


way of saying something
wednesday and thursday
werner karl heisenberg
wheelchair basketball
wide range of interests
widely accepted theory
wolstonian glaciation
women’s junior college
women’s liberationist
wonderful performance
woven pattern or design
wyethia amplexicaulis
wyethia helianthoides


xanthoma disseminatum
xanthosoma atrovirens
xenorhyncus asiaticus
xeroderma pigmentosum
ximenesia encelioides
xiphosurus polyphemus


yawning and stretching
year end drinking party
year end office closing
year end tax adjustment
yosemite national park


zalophus californicus
zantedeschia rehmanii
zanthoxylum fraxineum
zellig sabbatai harris