aaron montgomery ward
abnormal termination
abridged translation
abruptly pinnate leaf
absolute instruction
absolute temperature
absolutely necessary
abutilon theophrasti
academic achievement
academic credentials
academic institution
academic predecessor
academic requirement
accommodation ladder
acetabular dysplasia
acetylsalicylic acid
acid base equilibrium
acoustic engineering
acquisition of a skill
acrylonitrile rubber
adams stokes syndrome
addition to a building
additional allowance
address modification
addressing exception
adjustment mechanism
administrative organ
administrative staff
africanized honey bee
afro asian conference
afroasiatic language
agapanthus africanus
agglomerated village
agnes gonxha bojaxhiu
agricultural affairs
agricultural burning
agricultural country
agricultural density
agricultural geology
agricultural laborer
agricultural produce
agricultural product
agricultural species
aksa martyrs brigades
alcohol fermentation
alcoholics anonymous
aldous leonard huxley
alexander graham bell
alexis de tocqueville
alfred alistair cooke
alfred bernhard nobel
alfred charles kinsey
alfred edward housman
alfred lothar wegener
alfred russel wallace
algebraic expression
algorithmic language
alkaline phosphatase
alocasia macrorrhiza
alopecurus pratensis
alosa pseudoharengus
alphabetic character
alphanumeric display
already accomplished
alsobia dianthiflora
alternate generation
alternative medicine
alternative pleading
alternative splicing
alveolar lateral flap
alveolar pneumonitis
amaryllis belladonna
amateur photographer
amateur radio station
ambulance helicopter
ammonium bicarbonate
ammonium perchlorate
amount of consumption
amount of information
amphetamine sulphate
amphibious operation
amplitude distortion
amplitude modulation
amsinckia intermedia
amusement facilities
ancient civilization
anemone occidentalis
anesthetic injection
angular acceleration
animal communication
apatosaurus excelsus
apostolic succession
application software
aquaculture industry
aquilegia canadensis
arab republic of egypt
arabidopsis thaliana
arbitrary selections
arbitrary use of power
ardipithecus ramidus
area around one’s feet
arguing back and forth
argument association
arna wendell bontemps
arnold joseph toynbee
aromatic hydrocarbon
arrested development
arrival and departure
article contribution
artificial satellite
artificial selection
artificial sweetener
ascaris lumbricoides
ascending air current
asexual reproduction
aspiration pneumonia
association football
asuka kiyomihara code
asymmetric synthesis
asynchronous adapter
atmospheric pressure
atriplex hymenelytra
atriplex lentiformis
august von wassermann
augustin jean fresnel
aulostomus maculatus
aureolaria virginica
auricularia auricula
australian aborigine
australian cockroach
australian grass tree
australian reed grass
australian sword lily
automobile insurance
avoidant personality
awkwardness of speech
ayapana triplinervis
azerbaijani language
azerbaijani republic


baking powder biscuit
bamboo ash receptacle
baptist denomination
bayesian probability
become more expensive
becoming independent
before one’s very eyes
begging for one’s life
beginning of a dispute
beginning of next week
beginning of the world
behavioral economics
behavioral principle
behind someone’s back
biblical archaeology
biceps brachii muscle
biceps femoris muscle
bichloride of mercury
bilingual dictionary
binding relationship
binocular microscope
binomial coefficient
biological chemistry
biological community
biological geography
biological terrorism
biquadratic equation
birthday celebration
bismarck archipelago
bleached cotton cloth
bleeder’s affliction
bleeding hemorrhoids
boiled barley and rice
boiling in salty water
boiling water reactor
bolt or lock something
boltzmann’s constant
boy’s day celebration
boys kept by pederasts
bryanthus taxifolius
bubble gum dermatitis
bucket brigade attack
budgetary allocation
buffalo carpet beetle
build a barrier around
building maintenance
building supply house
building supply store
building to land ratio
bulletin board system
business opportunity
buy and bust operation


cable communications
cadmium standard cell
caesalpinia coriaria
caesalpinia echinata
caesalpinia sepiaria
cambridge university
cayman islands dollar
cease and desist order
celestial navigation
cellular engineering
ceterach officinarum
ceylon bowstring hemp
chromatic aberration
church of scientology
cimicifuga americana
cinnabar chanterelle
civic responsibility
civil administration
civil rights movement
class representative
clinical examination
clinical thermometer
cnemidophorus tigris
coalition government
cobalt chloride paper
coded representation
cognitive dissonance
cognitive distortion
cognitive psychology
coincident indicator
cooperative industry
coordinate structure
copyright protection
cost benefit analysis
covering against rain
covertly investigate
criminal maintenance
criminal prosecution
critical temperature
cucumis melo inodorus
cultural differences
cultural imperialism
cumberland mountains
cumulative preferred
cumulative remainder
cupressus abramsiana
cupressus lusitanica
cupressus macrocarpa
cylinder or rod shaped
cymose inflorescence
cynomys ludovicianus
cypriot monetary unit
cypripedium montanum
cystic breast disease
cystoid macular edema
cystopteris fragilis
cytoplasmic heredity
cytoplasmic membrane


dacridium laxifolius
dacrydium franklinii
dactylorhiza fuchsii
dasypus novemcinctus
daughter of a nobleman
davallia canariensis
david oliver selznick
davidson’s penstemon
daylight savings time
dazzlingly beautiful
defensive midfielder
dehydration reaction
delivery certificate
departure and arrival
detailed explanation
detailed information
diabetic retinopathy
dibranchiate mollusk
diclofenac potassium
didelphis virginiana
die on the battlefield
difference of opinion
difference threshold
different manuscript
digital broadcasting
digital distribution
diligent application
dilute sulphuric acid
dimensional analysis
dimensionless number
dining room attendant
dining room furniture
diophantine equation
dioscorea paniculata
diospyros virginiana
dioxin contamination
diplomatic relations
direct communication
domestic equilibrium
during one’s lifetime
dusicyon cancrivorus
dutch processed cocoa
dwarf cape gooseberry
dying while traveling
dynamic visual acuity


eat something too much
eating bizarre things
eating establishment
eating while standing
eburophyton austinae
ecliptic coordinates
economic consumption
economic cooperation
economic development
economic environment
economic integration
economic nationalism
economics department
economics profession
edgeworth kuiper belt
edible chrysanthemum
editorial department
education department
education technology
educational activity
educational guidance
edward bouverie pusey
edward calvin kendall
edward henry harriman
edward osborne wilson
edward wyllis scripps
effective management
effective throughput
efficacious chemical
efficiency apartment
eichhornia crassipes
eigenvalue of a matrix
eighteenth amendment
eisenmenger syndrome
elagatis bipinnulata
elanoides forficatus
electromagnetic wave
electronic cigarette
electronic equipment
elimination question
elimination reaction
emancipation of serfs
embrace christianity
emergency assistance
emergency conference
emergency department
emergency deployment
emergency evacuation
emergency government
emergency repair disk
emotional attachment
emotional dependence
employment agreement
employment interview
employment situation
enabling legislation
engineering plastics
enkianthus perulatus
entertainment center
entrance examination
environment division
environment friendly
environment variable
environmental burden
environmental change
environmental design
environmental ethics
environmental policy
environmental racism
environmental stress
epacris purpurascens
equilateral triangle
equilibrium constant
equivalence relation
equivalent variation
erect crested penguin
erectile dysfunction
erection of a monument
erigeron aurantiacus
erinaceus europeaeus
eriocaulon aquaticum
eriophyllum wallacei
ernst ludwig kirchner
error correcting code
error correction code
erythema infectiosum
eskimo aleut language
especially a computer
especially a document
especially a gas meter
especially of a toilet
especially with water
established practice
establishment growth
establishment of more
eternally unchanging
eucalyptus viminalis
eucalytus stellulata
euclid’s fourth axiom
euclid’s second axiom
european central bank
evangelical lutheran
evangelistic meeting
evolutionary biology
exemplary government
existential operator
exogenous depression
eyewitness testimony


fabricated news story
fagopyrum esculentum
farewell performance
favor done for someone
favorable conditions
favorable impression
favorable reputation
favorable time to sell
favourable reception
favourable treatment
federal job safety law
federal reserve board
feelings of the people
feigning good feeling
female senior citizen
fermentation alcohol
ferroelectric memory
festival merrymaking
festival of the weaver
festive annual custom
feudal era police rank
fictitious character
fifth lateran council
financial management
finishing discussion
flight control system
focus one’s attention
freedom of expression
frequency management
fruitless discussion
fruits and vegetables
fuel consumption rate
fuel injection system
fugitive from justice
fukushima prefecture
fumaria sempervirens
fundamental sequence


gaillardia pulchella
gaining total control
gangrenous emphysema
gaultheria hispidula
gaussian elimination
gaze into the distance
gazella subgutturosa
ghanian monetary unit
giant scrambling fern
gifting and receiving
giles lytton strachey
giovanni da verrazano
glasses prescription
glenn hammond curtiss
global climate change
going into opposition
going on to university
going out with someone
going round in circles
going steadily upward
gonadotropic hormone
gonococcal infection
gossypium barbadense
gossypium peruvianum
government and people
government appointed
government officials
government ordinance
government ownership
government treasurer
guevina heterophylla
gulf of saint lawrence
gun loaded with blanks
gustatory perception
gymnopilus validipes
gyromitra fastigiata


habenaria chlorantha
habenaria leucophaea
habenaria orbiculata
hackneyed expression
haemanthus coccineus
haemulon macrostomum
happen consecutively
happiness and sadness
hazy weather in spring
hedysarum coronarium
height above sea level
hepatojugular reflux
heterogenous mixture
hexadecimal notation
hierarchical display
hierarchical routing
hierarchical society
hilary rodham clinton
hip roof construction
historic battlefield
historical awareness
historical geography
historical viewpoint
history of literature
history substitution
hodgson’s hawk cuckoo
horizontal direction
hospitality industry
host operating system
hostile relationship
household management
hundred times worship
hundreds of thousands
huntington’s disease
hurried construction
hurt one’s conscience
hyacinthus candicans
hyakunin isshu karuta
hyemoschus aquaticus
hygrophorus borealis
hygrophorus sordidus
hygrophorus turundus
hylocichla mustelina
hyman george rickover
hymenopterous insect
hyssopus officinalis


ian lancaster fleming
identification space
ideological offender
ignace jan paderewski
ilich ramirez sanchez
iliococcygeus muscle
ilya ilich metchnikov
image authentication
imaginary expression
independent variable
information security
injuries and sickness
inorganic fertilizer
inwardly embarrassed
iranian monetary unit
irish republican army
irregular accounting
irregular employment
irregular reflection
irresponsible remark
irreversible process
isaac bashevis singer
isabella the catholic
islands of langerhans
israeli defense force
israeli monetary unit
istiophorus albicans
it goes without saying
italian monetary unit
ivan petrovich pavlov


james fenimore cooper
james harvey robinson
james henry leigh hunt
japanese corporation
japanese environment
japanese mathematics
japanese translation
jean edouard vuillard
jean jacques rousseau
jewish calendar month
job oriented terminal
johann sebastian bach
joseph francis keaton
joseph marie jacquard
judgment of dismissal
judgment on the merits
judicial authorities
junction temperature
junior featherweight
juniperus virginiana
juridical foundation
just about everything
just before one’s eyes
juvenile delinquency
juvenile reformatory


kagoshima prefecture
keep something secure
kicking and screaming
kimono wrapping paper
kindergarten teacher
kjellmaniella gyrata
klinefelter syndrome
knockout competition
knowledge management
knowledge of language
knowledgeable person
korsakoff’s syndrome
korsakov’s psychosis
krzysztof kieslowski
kuril islands dispute
kuwaiti monetary unit


labor administration
lack of understanding
lagerstroemia indica
laissez faire economy
lalthyrus tingitanus
laotian monetary unit
laparoscopic surgery
large number of people
law of thermodynamics
layered architecture
laying the foundation
least significant bit
lebistes reticulatus
leccinum fibrillosum
lecture to the emperor
left of center faction
left utterly helpless
legal representative
legislative assembly
lemmus trimucronatus
lending and borrowing
lengthwise traversal
leon battista alberti
leonotis nepetifolia
leontodon autumnalis
leontopodium alpinum
lepidopterous insect
leslie howard stainer
leslie richard groves
lesser yellow trefoil
letter of the alphabet
leucanthemum maximum
leucanthemum vulgare
level and inked string
level of significance
lexington and concord
liatris pycnostachya
liliid monocot family
lily of the valley tree
limited express train
lipid granulomatosis
lipschitz continuity
listen attentively to
listening instrument
loading and unloading
lobotes surinamensis
location information
looking for something
lording it over others
loss of consciousness
lossless compression
lotus tetragonolobus
louis comfort tiffany
low power consumption
loyalty to the emperor
luminescent bacteria
lychins chalcedonica
lycopodium lucidulum
lymphocytic leukemia
lyndon baines johnson
lysiloma latisiliqua
lythrum hyssopifolia


macular degeneration
madeira winter cherry
magnetic flux density
major league baseball
male pattern baldness
mammal semnopithecus
material conditional
maternal grandfather
maternal grandmother
mayetiola destructor
measuring instrument
mechanical advantage
meclofenamate sodium
mecopoda nipponensis
medical practitioner
megalithic structure
megaloblastic anemia
membership agreement
memorial performance
memorial to the throne
memory configuration
mental concentration
mental determination
mexican beaded lizard
mexican monetary unit
mexican swamp cypress
middle school student
mirror image relation
mitral valve stenosis
mobile phone operator
modulus of elasticity
mohammed reza pahlavi
mohammed reza pahlevi
moistening with steam
most interesting part
most prominent person
moving establishment
multiple advertising
multiple agriculture
multiple citizenship
multiple inheritance
multiple personality
multiplication table
municipal government
municipal management
mushroom millionaire
mutual encouragement
mutual understanding
myanmar monetary unit
mycobacterium leprae
mycoplasma pneumonia
myrciaria cauliflora
myroxylon toluiferum
myxocephalus aenaeus


nabalus serpentarius
name of a neighborhood
name readings of kanji
narrative literature
narrowing conversion
narrowly miss meeting
nasal mucous membrane
naval special warfare
near death experience
near field earthquake
neftali ricardo reyes
negative acknowledge
negative correlation
negative electricity
negative proposition
negative stimulation
neighboring villages
neighbourhood effect
neighbouring country
neighbouring village
nemine contradicente
netherlands antilles
network architecture
nevoid elephantiasis
next or adjoining room
nickel chromium steel
nilo saharan language
nine banded armadillo
nineteenth amendment
nitrogen trichloride
nobleman’s residence
nociceptive stimulus
nodding acquaintance
nominal transfer rate
nominating committee
nomination committee
nosocomial infection
nuclear installation
nuclear power station
nuphar sagittifolium
nutrient composition


objective complement
observe a competition
obsessive compulsive
obstinate insistence
occupational ability
occupational disease
occupational illness
occupational therapy
ocean transportation
oenothera macrocarpa
official instruction
often to a battlefield
ohio state university
oklahoma city bombing
oleandra neriiformis
olfactory impairment
olfactory perception
oliver wendell holmes
olympic national park
oncorhynchus kisutch
online communication
online dating website
online documentation
online drinking party
optimization problem
optimization program
orbital eccentricity
orchis papilionaceae
order of applications
ordering to keep quiet
ordinary bank account
ordinary temperature
orectolobus barbatus
organic intellectual
organization expense
orthogonal sequences
orthophosphoric acid
oryzopsis hymenoides
osmanthus americanus
ostentatious bravado
otto heinrich warburg
otto neumann sverdrup


paper chromatography
patient contribution
paul johannes tillich
peaceful coexistence
pecuniary obligation
pediatric anesthesia
people of former times
petticoat government
phase transformation
phillips screwdriver
philosophical system
philosophical theory
philosophy of science
photographic density
phragmites australis
phrase structure rule
physical composition
physical examination
physical restoration
physiological saline
piezoelectric device
piezoelectric effect
plovers near the shore
pneumococcal vaccine
pocketed freetail bat
podiceps nigricollis
podocarpus coriaceus
podocarpus elongatus
podophyllum peltatum
poetical imagination
point of intersection
poisson distribution
population scientist
position recognition
positive and negative
potassium dichromate
potential difference
pounds per square inch
practical individual
practical philosophy
practicing physician
printed circuit board
psychiatric hospital
psychological injury
psychological moment
psychological stress
psychology counselor
psychotic depression
pteridium esculentum
pteropus capestratus
pteropus hypomelanus
pteroylglutamic acid
pufferfish poisoning
pull oneself together
pulmonary congestion
push button telephone
pushing something out


questionnaire survey
questions and answers


rabbi moses ben maimon
race against the clock
radioactive material
ragged fringed orchid
rapid economic growth
rasmus christian rask
raster display device
rauwolfia serpentina
rebound relationship
reentrant subroutine
registered trademark
reinforcing stimulus
reinventing the wheel
rejection or adoption
rejoicing over the law
remarkable character
remote procedure call
request or give thanks
reward and punishment
rhagoletis pomonella
rhamnus californicus
rhamnus carolinianus
rheumatoid arthritis
rhineland palatinate
rhinoceros unicornis
rhizopogon rubescens
rhomboid major muscle
rhomboid minor muscle
ride on someone’s back
ripe enough for eating
rise perpendicularly
riverside fish market
rolling introduction
roman catholic church
romantic orientation
rotary international
rotational delay time
rugged individualism
rules and regulations
rumbling of a mountain


sales representative
saprophytic bacteria
saprophytic organism
satellite navigation
satellite television
saurischian dinosaur
savings account trust
saxe gothea conspicua
saying abusive things
saying strange things
sceloporus graciosus
sceloporus undulatus
scientific community
scientific computing
scientific discovery
scientific knowledge
scientific principle
scientific socialism
scientific technique
scintillation camera
scleroderma citrinum
scleropages jardinii
scurrying unprepared
seborrheic keratosis
seiurus aurocapillus
semiconductor device
semiconductor memory
senior vice president
separate from a person
sequential operation
sequoia national park
sequoia sempervirens
sequoia wellingtonia
sesbania grandiflora
seventh day adventist
sewage disposal plant
sewing machine stitch
shrinking back in fear
shunning other people
sickness from anxiety
sierra lodgepole pine
sierra madre oriental
similar in appearance
simplified character
sir alexander fleming
sir arthur conan doyle
sitting up and begging
skeleton in the closet
skew symmetric matrix
small number of people
smelling of gunpowder
snap general election
sodium lauryl sulfate
sodium pyrophosphate
software development
software engineering
solitary confinement
something additional
something attractive
something continuous
something incomplete
something overlooked
sophisticated person
sophora secundiflora
sovereign wealth fund
sphere of gravitation
spherical aberration
spoken communication
sport utility vehicle
spurious correlation
spy on communications
style of architecture
successful applicant
successful candidate
successful execution
sudden enlightenment
suddenly rise to power
suffer from a disaster
sufficient condition
sufficient statistic
suggestive of bad luck
suitable temperature
suksdorfia violaceae
surface to air missile
suspend performances
suspension of fishing
suspension of service
suspicious substance
sustainable building
sword for self defense
sworn younger brother
sylvilagus aquaticus
sylvilagus palustris
sympathetic ganglion
syrrhaptes paradoxus
system administrator
system configuration
system documentation
system of measurement
systemic circulation


tadirida femorosacca
tangible fixed assets
target of opportunity
taste of mom’s cooking
tasty and spicy flavor
technical correction
technical submission
television equipment
temperate rainforest
temperature gradient
temperature increase
temporary injunction
temporary prosperity
temporary retirement
tephrosia virginiana
tetracarboxylic acid
textile manufacturer
thorough enforcement
thorough knowledge of
thunder and lightning
thyme leaved sandwort
thyrotrophic hormone
ticket sold in advance
tight money situation
tightly clenched fist
tightness in the chest
tillandsia usneoides
tokushima prefecture
tool of another person
tool of communication
topic of conversation
total number of people
toxaemia of pregnancy
toxicodendron vernix
tube shaped structure
tumor necrosis factor
tumor suppressor gene
tunnel boring machine
tupi guarani language
twelfth cranial nerve
two dimensional array
two way communication


ubiquitous computing
ugandan monetary unit
ultrasonic generator
ultrasonic treatment
ultraviolet spectrum
ulysses simpson grant
umar al mukhtar forces
unauthorized absence
unemployment benefit
unfavorable judgment
unfavorable position
unglazed ceramic ware
unglazed earthenware
uniform distribution
university extension
unnatural or untimely
unnatural phenomenon
upside down character
upward compatibility
urban type settlement
urinary incontinence
urinating standing up
urogenital apparatus
ursus arctos syriacus
user defined function
usually child neglect
usurpation of a throne
utility maximization
uvularia grandiflora


variable declaration
vascular endothelium
vector decomposition
vertical integration
vesicular stomatitis
vestibular apparatus
vexatious litigation
vibration perception
vibratory perception
viburnum prunifolium
victory in an election
vigorous for one’s age
vindication of honour
violation of the rules
virtual address space
virtual organization
visual communication
vladimir ilyich lenin
vocational aid center
vocational education
vocational technical
voice actor or actress
voice and countenance
voluntary bankruptcy
vomiting and diarrhea
vomiting while asleep
vulnerable road users
vying with one another


waiting for customers
wave particle duality
western civilization
wire for instructions
wire reinforced glass
wisdom after the event
wisdom of the ancients
wish fulfilling jewel
woman with big breasts
wrestler’s stage name
wrestling tournament
writing on the surface
written constitution
wuchereria bancrofti


xenicus gilviventris


yamaguchi prefecture
yamanashi prefecture


zairese monetary unit
zambian monetary unit
zero tolerance policy
zigzag demonstration
zygocactus truncatus