abdominal breathing
abdominal pregnancy
abel janszoon tasman
abnormal phenomenon
abnormal psychology
abolition of slavery
abovementioned item
absolute complement
absorption spectrum
abudefduf saxatilis
abundant production
academic background
academic conference
academic department
academic reputation
academic traditions
acetic acid bacteria
aconitum lycoctonum
acoustic gramophone
acoustic microscope
acoustic phenomenon
acoustic projection
acoustic resistance
acryloyl morpholine
adaptation function
adaptive management
additional function
additional printing
address computation
address information
address translation
adenosine deaminase
adjoining each other
adjustable resistor
adjustment disorder
administer medicine
administrative body
administrative fine
administrative post
administrative task
administrative unit
admission to a school
adrenergic receptor
adult onset diabetes
adult striped mullet
aegean civilization
aesthetic existence
aesthetic sentiment
afghan monetary unit
aframomum melegueta
african green monkey
agaricus campestris
aggressive attitude
aggressive peddling
agitated depression
agnes george de mille
agonus cataphractus
agrarian revolution
agricultural people
agricultural school
ahmed salman rushdie
aikido practitioner
ailanthus altissima
alan alexander milne
alaska standard time
alcohol thermometer
alcoholic beverages
alderleaf juneberry
aleksandr pavlovich
aleksandr prokhorov
alexander technique
alfred lord tennyson
alfred louis kroeber
algebraic structure
algonquian language
algorithmic program
alkaline earth metal
almond leaves willow
alnus veridis crispa
along the north coast
alsophila pometaria
alternate recipient
alternating current
alternative therapy
alternative version
aluminium hydroxide
alveolar resorption
always on connection
always wanting to win
alytes obstetricans
alzheimer’s disease
amaranthus tricolor
amateur theatricals
ambient surrounding
ambient temperature
ambiguous retrieval
ambulance attendant
ambulance transport
american revolution
amicable settlement
amlodipine besylate
ammonia soda process
amorphous solar cell
amount of fish caught
amount of investment
amount of remittance
amphetamine sulfate
amphibious aircraft
amusing oneself with
analysis of variance
analytical geometry
ancestral character
ancient battlefield
ancient burial mound
and tastefully quiet
angle of inclination
announce officially
announcement of time
annual interest rate
anonymous criticism
apatetic coloration
apical placentation
apologize sincerely
application program
arboreal salamander
area of distribution
areteria cervicalis
arguments pro and con
arnold daniel palmer
arnold lucius gesell
arrangement of rooms
arranging a marriage
arrival at a location
arsenious anhydride
articular cartilage
artificial language
artistic gymnastics
arytenoid cartilage
ascend to the heavens
ascending a mountain
ascension of the lord
ascent to the heavens
asellus hilgendorfi
asian horseshoe crab
asian tiger mosquito
asperger’s syndrome
aspirated consonant
assignment operator
assistant professor
associate professor
atlantic and pacific
atlantic tripletail
atlantic white cedar
atmospheric current
atmospheric railway
atrial fibrillation
atrial septal defect
attachment disorder
attacking direction
attractive nuisance
atypical appearance
auditory perception
augsburg confession
augustinian hermits
aural comprehension
auricular appendage
auricular lymph node
auriparus flaviceps
auspicious occasion
australian chestnut
automobile industry
automobile mechanic
automotive industry
auxiliary character
auxiliary equipment
auxiliary operation
auxiliary power unit
availability factor
available to promise
average temperature
avogadro’s constant


baby boom generation
bamboo fencing stick
bamboo writing strip
bayesian estimation
become familiar with
before anything else
before one’s own eyes
beginning and ending
beginning and the end
beginning of the year
beguiling innocence
behave tyrannically
behaving recklessly
behavioral disorder
behavioural science
being in the military
being under pressure
benefit association
beyond one’s control
beyond what one hoped
biased media account
bidens trichosperma
bilateral agreement
bilateral character
billing information
bimetal thermometer
binary number system
bocconia frutescens
boeuf bourguignonne
bombycilla cedrorun
bombycilla garrulus
bonding temperature
bottom fermentation
box to keep valuables
boy scouts of america
brush something away
bubalus mindorensis
buddhist image maker
buddhist literature
buddhist missionary
budgetary provision
build such a building
building department
business discussion
business management


cabinet environment
capital expenditure
causal relationship
cause inconvenience
cause to move through
cease fire agreement
cease or stop writing
ceasing publication
cecil blount demille
cecil scott forester
cedar pollen allergy
celebrated musician
celestial longitude
celestial mechanics
central reservation
cephalanthera rubra
cerebral hemisphere
cerebral hemorrhage
cerebral infarction
cerebrospinal fluid
cesar estrada chavez
cessation of writing
ceylon cinnamon tree
chloroplatinic acid
chlorosulfonic acid
chronological order
cimicifuga racemosa
cinnamomum camphora
citizen judge system
classical mechanics
classification yard
clinical psychology
cluster development
clustering together
cnemidophorus velox
coelenterate family
cogeneration system
cognitive operation
cognitive scientist
cognitive semantics
coin operated locker
coordinate geometry
coordinate relation
creation of the world
criminal connection
criminal psychology
crisis intervention
critical experiment
critical philosophy
culpable negligence
cultural properties
cultural psychology
cultural revolution
cumulative increase
cumulative indexing
cumulatively impose
cupressus arizonica
cupressus goveniana
cyanocitta cristata
cybernetic organism
cycle and ride system
cylindrical stemmed
cynoglossum amabile
cynoscion nebulosus
cypripedium reginae
cyrilla racemiflora
cyrtomium aculeatum
cyrus hall mccormick
cystophora cristata
cystopteris montana


daboecia cantabrica
daimyo’s procession
dalbergia cearensis
dalbergia latifolia
dalmatian pellitory
dalmatian pyrethrum
dame joan sutherland
dangling participle
dash someone’s hopes
dasyurus viverrinus
data communications
database management
daucus carota sativa
day before yesterday
daylight saving time
delusional disorder
dental practitioner
depressive disorder
desktop environment
detailed discussion
developing solution
development process
development project
developmental stage
device independence
dharma transmission
dictionary attacker
die while still young
dielectric constant
dietary restriction
difference equation
different character
different situation
difficult character
difficult situation
diffraction grating
digital certificate
digital photography
digital still camera
digital video camera
dilute sulfuric acid
diminished capacity
diminishing returns
dinitrogen monoxide
dioscorea bulbifera
diplomatic activity
diplomatic building
diplomatic immunity
diplomatic language
diplomatic minister
diplomatic passport
directional antenna
directory structure
dmitri shostakovich
domestic and foreign
door to door salesman
dorsal root ganglion
dove’s foot geranium
downward adjustment
downward compatible
duck billed dinosaur
duck billed platypus
duckbilled platypus
duodecimal notation
duplex transmission
dura mater encephali
during imprisonment
during working hours
dusky footed wood rat
dusky footed woodrat
dutch case knife bean
dutchman’s breeches
dwarf chinquapin oak
dwarf russian almond
dwarf white trillium
dwight d. eisenhower
dying by the roadside
dying from blood loss
dying while standing
dylan marlais thomas
dynamic conformance
dynamic electricity
dynamic equilibrium
dynamic programming


each and every person
eating between meals
eating while walking
ecballium elaterium
eclipsing the others
ecological movement
economic assistance
economic conditions
economic inequality
economic powerhouse
economic stagnation
economic white paper
ecumenical movement
edgar douglas adrian
edgar rice burroughs
education assistant
education secretary
educational program
educational society
educational support
edvard hagerup grieg
edward jean steichen
edward lee thorndike
edward roscoe murrow
edward the confessor
edwin dubois hayward
effect of fertilizer
effective potential
efficiency engineer
eichhornia spesiosa
eighter from decatur
eighth cranial nerve
elasticity of demand
elasticity of supply
elder brother’s wife
elderly housekeeper
electric locomotive
electrical engineer
electron microscope
elementary particle
elliott’s goldenrod
elmer ambrose sperry
elymus caput medusae
elymus trachycaulos
emergency anchoring
emergency physician
emergency procedure
emergency staircase
emergency surfacing
emergency transport
emil hermann fischer
emotional composure
emotional condition
emotional suffering
employment contract
emu novaehollandiae
encompassing circle
energy conservation
energy of activation
energy of ionization
engine displacement
engineering college
engineering science
english composition
english translation
enjoying the cool air
enlarged photograph
enlightened monarch
enormous sum of money
enshrining together
environment setting
environmental audit
environmental group
envoy extraordinary
epacris obtusifolia
ephemeral existence
epidemic prevention
eptesicus serotinus
equivalent exchange
erection of the penis
erigeron canadensis
erigeron pulchellus
erignathus barbatus
erinaceus europaeus
eriobotrya japonica
eriophyllum lanatum
erle stanley gardner
ernst heinrich weber
error detecting code
erysimum arkansanum
erythema multiforme
erythrina variegata
erythronium albidum
escapist literature
especially in autumn
especially nobility
especially superior
especially to poison
esprit de l’escalier
essay on tanka poetry
essential amino acid
essential condition
essential fatty acid
essential qualities
established opinion
estrogen antagonist
ethnic distribution
eucalyptus camphora
eucalyptus coriacea
eucalyptus globulus
eucalyptus maculata
eucalyptus rostrata
eucharistic liturgy
euclid’s fifth axiom
euclid’s first axiom
euclid’s third axiom
euonymus americanus
european commission
european parliament
evacuation advisory
evaluation criteria
evaluation standard
evangelistic worker
evaporative cooling
evolutionary theory
examination results
example of execution
executive allowance
executive committee
executive privilege
executive secretary
exophthalmic goiter
exothermal reaction
exothermic reaction
external management
extremely important


family constitution
family relationship
fausto paolo sozzini
favorable condition
favorable direction
favorable reception
favorable treatment
favourable position
favourite concubine
february revolution
federal authorities
federal legislation
federal reserve bank
federal reserve note
federal savings bank
federation of states
federation of tribes
feeling embarrassed
feeling of happiness
female impersonator
female office worker
female private parts
fictional biography
fictional character
field of application
financial condition
financial statement
flight cancellation
flight data recorder
fluorescent fixture
foamed polyurethane
focusing on one thing
fondness for alcohol
friendship bracelet
fruit and vegetables
fuchsia excorticata
full responsibility
fumaria claviculata
fumaria officinalis
functional analysis
functional beverage
functional equation
fundamental culture
further information
fusarium head blight
fushimi inari shrine
future perfect tense


gadus macrocephalus
gain a reputation etc
gaining recognition
gathering and coming
gathering resources
gear cutting machine
giacomo della chiesa
giambattista marini
giambattista marino
giannangelo braschi
giant potato creeper
giant red paintbrush
gigacycle per second
gilbert and sullivan
gilles de la tourette
girolamo savonarola
glechoma hederaceae
gleichenia japonica
global organization
glyceryl trinitrate
going and coming back
going every which way
going into operation
going north and south
going over one’s head
going round and round
going straight ahead
going to the washroom
gorging and swilling
gossypium herbaceum
gothic architecture
government activity
government building
government business
government district
government hospital
government minister
government official
government position
government property
government security
government spending
governmental matter
grievous bodily harm
guarantee insurance
guessing beforehand
guidance counseling
guilt by association
gustatory sensation
gymnadenia conopsea
gymnaster savatieri
gymnastic apparatus
gymnospermous plant
gyromitra esculenta


habenaria albiflora
habenaria fimbriata
habenaria peramoena
hablot knight browne
haematobia irritans
haemorrhagic stroke
happened to hear that
happy go lucky person
hashimoto’s disease
have difficulty with
hawaii standard time
hedeoma pulegioides
height of prosperity
heimlich manoeuvere
heinrich schliemann
henry norris russell
henry oscar houghton
hesperis matronalis
heterosexual person
heuchera cylindrica
hexavalent chromium
hibiscus cannabinus
hibiscus esculentus
hibiscus moscheutos
hibiscus sabdariffa
hieracium pilocella
hieracium praealtum
hierarchical system
hierarchy of samurai
hindu arabic numeral
hindu calendar month
hindu kush mountains
historical document
historical graffiti
historical material
historical research
hitting right handed
hohenzollern empire
honeycomb structure
honorable discharge
hook and ladder truck
household appliance
housing development
howard robard hughes
hurried recruitment
hyalophora cecropia
hygrophorus russula
hynerpeton bassetti
hyperbolic geometry
hysterical neurosis


ictalurus punctatus
identification card
identity philosophy
identity politician
ideological barrier
ideological offense
if i remember rightly
ilex paraguariensis
iliocostalis muscle
illegal immigration
image stabilization
immediate explosion
immediate recipient
inactivated vaccine
inarticulate person
information science
information society
initialization code
initializer routine
initiation ceremony
inordinate ambition
inorganic chemistry
inorganic phosphate
inorganic substance
input output channel
investment function
investment strategy
ionization tendency
ipomoea leptophylla
ipomoea orizabensis
ipratropium bromide
irrational argument
irrational equation
irrational function
irvingia gabonensis
ishikawa prefecture
islets of langerhans
isolated stronghold
issue an extra number
it must be remembered
italian honeysuckle
italian renaissance
itemized discussion
items of merchandise
iterative operation
ivan iii vasilievich


jacksonian epilepsy
jamaica honeysuckle
james arthur baldwin
james buchanan brady
james francis thorpe
james leonard farmer
james matthew barrie
james thomas farrell
japanese government
japanese literature
japanese restaurant
jasminum nudiflorum
jasminum officinale
jatropha stimulosus
jean antoine watteau
jean baptiste racine
jean claude duvalier
jean francois millet
jean frederic joliot
jean philippe rameau
jehovah’s witnesses
jessica lucy mitford
jewels and ornaments
job control language
joel chandler harris
jordanella floridae
jose clemente orozco
joseph paul dimaggio
josiah willard gibbs
judgement by default
judicial proceeding
judicial separation
juglans californica
jumping and slashing
jumping to one’s feet
junction transistor
junior bantamweight
junior middleweight
junior welterweight
just in time compiler
just looking at goods
justice and humanity
juvenile black porgy
juvenile delinquent
juvenile literature


kalashnikov culture
kalmia angustifolia
kamchatka peninsula
kamchatkan sea eagle
kamehameha the great
kammon strait bridge
karate practitioner
karl friedrich gauss
karl wilhelm siemens
keith rupert murdoch
kenneth david kaunda
kentucky coffee tree
kentucky wonder bean
kentucky yellowwood
kenyan monetary unit
keplerian telescope
keratosis nigricans
keyboard controller
keyboard instrument
kidney inflammation
kiggelaria africana
killing and wounding
knowledge and action
knowledge reference
kolkwitzia amabilis
korsakov’s syndrome
kumamoto prefecture
kurdistan labor pary


labor and management
lactic acid bacteria
lactose intolerance
ladies and gentlemen
lady court attendant
lagenaria siceraria
landscape gardening
language technology
large amount of money
launch a publication
launching a business
launching a new group
launching a new party
lavandula latifolia
laws and regulations
laying a cornerstone
laying out page order
lazzaro spallanzani
learning disability
lecture on the sutras
ledum groenlandicum
left coronary artery
left handed pitching
legislative process
leitneria floridana
lending institution
leontocebus oedipus
leontocebus rosalia
lepomis macrochirus
lesch nyhan syndrome
lesser sunda islands
level of achievement
leveling instrument
lexicalized concept
leycesteria formosa
liability insurance
licensing agreement
lifetime employment
light emitting diode
lightning conductor
liliid monocot genus
lilium michiganense
limited partnership
limited publication
limiting conditions
lip synchronisation
lip synchronization
list of requirements
listen respectfully
listeria meningitis
living in the present
lizard’s tail family
loading in the middle
lobelia siphilitica
logical implication
logistic regression
loranthus europaeus
lord high chancellor
lorentz contraction
lou gehrig’s disease
loxostege similalis
lucy maud montgomery
ludwig van beethoven
ludwig wittgenstein
luggage compartment
lupinus subcarnosus
lupus erythematosus
lycaena hypophlaeas
lycium carolinianum
lycium halimifolium
lycopodium clavitum
lycopodium obscurum
lysiloma bahamensis
lysimachia ciliatum
lysimachia vulgaris


machine instruction
machine translation
magnesium carbonate
magnesium hydroxide
magnetic levitation
majestic appearance
major version number
mammillaria plumosa
max ferdinand perutz
maximum temperature
maxmilien de bethune
maxwell’s equations
measurement problem
measuring container
mechanical engineer
meconopsis cambrica
medical certificate
medical examination
medical institution
meet face to face with
meet with difficulty
member of parliament
membrane separation
mercury thermometer
mexican american war
mexican black cherry
mexican freetail bat
mexican jumping bean
mexican pocket mouse
mikhail baryshnikov
military government
miraculous efficacy
miraculous medicine
mixed radix notation
miyazaki prefecture
modern architecture
moeller’s glossitis
mohammedan calendar
moisture absorption
moisture resistance
molar concentration
molecular biologist
molecular chaperone
molecular evolution
momordica balsamina
momordica charantia
monoclonal antibody
mopping up operation
most important thing
most probable number
most significant bit
most valuable player
mowing down the enemy
mudslinging contest
muhammadan calendar
multiple protection
munchausen syndrome
munsell color system
musical composition
musical performance
mutual organization
mutual relationship
mutually beneficial
myasthenic syndrome
mycteroperca bonaci
myelocytic leukemia
myrica pensylvanica
myricaria germanica
myrmecophaga jubata
mysterious presence


nagasaki prefecture
nail tailed kangaroo
name giving ceremony
napierian logarithm
narcotic antagonist
narrative structure
narrow gauge railway
narrow strip of water
nasogastric feeding
natural environment
nauclea diderrichii
nautical linear unit
nautical signal flag
navigational system
neapolitan ice cream
neapolitan language
necessary condition
necessary documents
needle leaved forest
needy circumstances
negative capability
negative properties
negative resolution
neighboring country
neighboring village
nemophila menziesii
neoclassical school
nepal trumpet flower
nervous prostration
nervous temperament
net national product
neville chamberlain
nickel metal hydride
nicolaus copernicus
niemann pick disease
nierembergia repens
nihilistic delusion
nikkei stock average
nitrogen fertilizer
nitrogen metabolism
noble eightfold path
nobleman’s true wife
nobleness of bearing
noise regulation act
normal distribution
nose being clogged up
nuclear development
nuclear disarmament
nuclear engineering
number of characters
numeric calculation
numerical diffusion
numerical stability
nursing for a patient
nutrition education
nutritional science
nyctaginia capitata
nyctanassa violacea
nycticebus pygmaeus
nymphalid butterfly


oak leaved goosefoot
object manipulation
object modification
object to be examined
obliqueness command
observation balloon
observation network
observation results
observation station
observational study
occasional thoughts
occipital neuralgia
occupational cancer
occupational cohort
occupational hazard
occupational injury
occurring naturally
ocean acidification
ocean space explorer
oceanites oceanicus
oceanus procellarum
odocoileus hemionus
oenothera fruticosa
office organisation
office organization
official suggestion
okeechobee waterway
olecranoid bursitis
olfactory sensation
oligopolistic price
olympic winter games
ominous indications
omission of courtesy
omphalotus illudens
online distribution
online terminal test
online test facility
onopordon acanthium
onopordum acanthium
opening performance
operating procedure
opisthocomus hoazin
opposition alliance
opposition elements
opposition movement
opposition research
oppressive exaction
optical engineering
opuntia lindheimeri
oral administration
oral contraceptives
orbital inclination
ordinary resolution
oreamnos americanus
organic agriculture
organic electronics
original inhabitant
ornithopod dinosaur
orthogonal function
orthopaedic surgery
orthostatic syncope
oscar hammerstein ii
ostentatious person
ottmar mergenthaler
oxidation reduction
oxygen deficient air
oysters rockefeller


page at a time printer
painting exhibition
patent infringement
pattern recognition
paul bustill robeson
paul joseph goebbels
paumotu archipelago
peaceful resolution
pecten magellanicus
pedestrian crossing
pedestrian overpass
pedestrian paradise
pedestrian precinct
pedestrian scramble
pellitory of the wall
pembroke welsh corgi
people’s capitalism
people’s livelihood
people’s revolution
people’s sentiments
peperomia sandersii
peptide nucleic acid
pesticide poisoning
petroleum geologist
pezophaps solitaria
pheasant under glass
philadelphia lawyer
philippine mahogany
philosophers’ stone
philosopher’s stone
phragmites communis
phrynosoma cornutum
physical disability
physical phenomenon
physical properties
physical protection
physical punishment
pig footed bandicoot
pimenta officinalis
pipeline processing
piranga ludoviciana
ploceus philippinus
plosive speech sound
pneumatic machinery
pneumogastric nerve
pocket handkerchief
podiceps ruficollis
podilymbus podiceps
poephila castanotis
poisonous substance
political scientist
politically correct
pomatomus saltatrix
poncirus trifoliata
population genetics
port administration
portuguese republic
potassium carbonate
potassium hydroxide
potential recipient
prumnopitys elegans
prunus angustifolia
prunus laurocerasus
pseudorandom number
psidium cattleianum
psittacus erithacus
psocopterous insect
psoriatic arthritis
psychic photography
psychological novel
psychological state
pteridium aquilinum
pterocarpus indicus
pterocnemia pennata
pulmonary emphysema
punitive expedition
pupillary sphincter
pylodictus olivaris
pyorrhea alveolaris
pyrophosphoric acid
pythagorean theorem


qatari monetary unit
quantitative easing
quick understanding


rabbit eye blueberry
rabbiteye blueberry
rabindranath tagore
radiation chemistry
radio communication
ragpicker’s disease
ragsorter’s disease
ralph johnson bunche
raman amplification
ramsay hunt syndrome
random access memory
rapid deterioration
rational expression
ray douglas bradbury
rayleigh scattering
rebellious retainer
reentrant procedure
registration number
regression analysis
reinforced concrete
rejected manuscript
relational database
relative complement
religious education
renal cell carcinoma
reorganization plan
request for proposal
return on investment
reverse engineering
rheims douay version
rhetorical flourish
rhetorical question
rhizoctinia disease
rhizomatous begonia
rhodanthe manglesii
rhodesian ridgeback
rhododendron maxima
rhus toxicodenedron
rhythmic gymnastics
ride out on horseback
riemannian geometry
rise above something
rise to the challenge
rising to the surface
ritual purification
roadside restaurant
robbery with assault
ronald wilson reagan
rotational symmetry
royal academy of arts
rubbing the wrong way
rudbeckia laciniata
rudolf karl bultmann
rupicapra rupicapra
rydberg’s penstemon


sabbatia campestris
sacrifice operation
safety confirmation
sagebrush buttercup
saint kitts and nevis
saint lawrence river
sample distribution
sao bernardo do campo
sao tome and principe
são tomé and príncipe
sasamorpha borealis
saturated fatty acid
saxifraga granulata
saxifraga hypnoides
saxifraga stellaris
science fiction film
scientific modeling
scientific notation
scientific research
scleroderma bovista
scoring combination
sebastodes caurinus
sebastodes miniatus
secondary education
seemingly dangerous
segmentation cavity
seismic disturbance
seismic engineering
seismic observation
seize an opportunity
semiconductor diode
semiconductor wafer
seminiferous tubule
separate and reunite
separate excitation
separation constant
separation of powers
separator character
sequential scanning
severe disciplining
sexual exploitation
sexual relationship
sexual reproduction
shredded vegetables
shrubby bittersweet
siberian rubythroat
siberian wall flower
sick school syndrome
sickly constitution
signal to noise ratio
signature authority
significant instant
simple reproduction
simplified language
sir alfred hitchcock
sir bernard williams
sir christopher wren
sir frederick ashton
sir henry joseph wood
sir humphrey gilbert
sir peter paul rubens
sir william herschel
sistrurus catenatus
sisymbrium barbarea
sitting and standing
sitting comfortably
sitting cross legged
sitting with someone
situation semantics
six lined racerunner
skull and crossbones
slugging percentage
small consideration
smilax rotundifolia
smiting of the wicked
smoking compartment
social organization
sodium hypochlorite
sodium thiosulphate
soil classification
something different
something unrelated
sound pressure level
spherical astronomy
spherical harmonics
split the difference
style of handwriting
styloglossus muscle
sudden acceleration
suffer a broken heart
suffer an infarction
suffer damage or loss
suffix for ship names
sugar manufacturing
suicide by poisoning
suicide squeeze play
suitable occupation
suitable post or role
suitable punishment
sulfur hexafluoride
summary proceedings
surface temperature
surgical instrument
surveillance camera
suspend hostilities
suspend performance
suspend publication
suspended animation
suspicious behavior
sustainable tourist
sutura internasalis
sydney harbor bridge
syllable repetition
symptomatic therapy
synthetic detergent
synthetic substance
syrian arab republic
syrian monetary unit
system architecture
system of government
systematic theology
systems engineering
syzygium aromaticum


tacit understanding
tactual exploration
take responsibility
tangible possession
technical committee
technical knowledge
technical standards
technology transfer
tectonic earthquake
telephone directory
telephone extension
telephone interview
television shopping
temperature control
temporary enclosure
temporary residence
terminal identifier
terms and conditions
teucrium chamaedrys
teucrium scorodonia
threatened abortion
thunberg’s geranium
thyrotropic hormone
tiarella cordifolia
tiarella unifoliata
tichodroma muriaria
tilting at windmills
tobacco mosaic virus
toeing the mark again
tokyo municipal road
tokyo stock exchange
total fertility rate
total volume control
tourist association
tourist destination
tourist information
tower configuration
town administration
toxemia of pregnancy
toxic shock syndrome
tropical depression
tropical rain forest
tropical rainforest
trying one’s ability
trying or oppressive
tuamotu archipelago
tuberculin skin test
tussock caterpillar
twisting and turning
type of architecture
typesetting machine
typewriter carriage
typewriter keyboard
typhoon hitting land
typically into japan
typographical error
tyrannus vociferans


ultimate punishment
ultrahigh frequency
ultrasonic cleaning
umbelliferous plant
umbilical cord blood
unauthorized access
uneven distribution
unexpected obstacle
unfair distribution
unfinished business
unlawful occupation
unlawful possession
unlimited liability
unmanageable person
unmanned spacecraft
unnecessary expense
unofficial decision
unreasonable demand
untranslated region
unwavering fixation
upholstery material
upper carboniferous
uproarious laughter
upton beall sinclair
urban redevelopment
ureterorenal reflux
urogenital medicine
uropsilus soricipes
usage in combination
use abusive language
user authentication
user identification
using all one’s might
using an assumed name
using improper words
using the wrong words
usual state of things
uterine contraction
utility revenue bond
utilization of water
uto aztecan language
uveoscleral pathway


vacuum distillation
vaguely underhanded
various other things
vascular hemophilia
vast and far reaching
vector construction
vehicles of all types
velocity dispersion
venerable authority
ventilation opening
veterinary hospital
veterinary medicine
viatical settlement
viaticus settlement
viburnum recognitum
victory celebration
vietnamese language
vietnamese sandwich
view representation
vigilance committee
vigna sesquipedalis
vincent’s infection
vinyl chloride resin
vinylidene chloride
violation of customs
violent fluctuation
violent suppression
viperine grass snake
virtual consumption
virtual corporation
virtual temperature
visiting the capital
vladimir ilich lenin
vocational training
voice communication
voiceless consonant
volcanic earthquake
volumetric analysis
voluntary insurance
voluntary restraint
vote of no confidence
vulnerability index


wait and see attitude
waiting expectantly
waiting impatiently
waiting upon someone
wakayama prefecture
wake for the deceased
wake up from sleeping
wandering albatross
wandering off course
wankel rotary engine
way of justification
way of understanding
way things are moving
weather forecasting
weather information
webbing clothes moth
wedding anniversary
weights and measures
welcoming committee
wet bulb temperature
wet bulb thermometer
whereabouts unknown
wireless microphone
wireless technology
wireless telegraphy
wish someone success
wisteria floribunda
wisteria frutescens
with the exception of
wolffiella gladiata
woman of loose morals
woman textile worker
woman’s handwriting
women’s association
wondering to oneself
woodwind instrument
wound healing tissue
woven bamboo pattern
wraparound mortgage
wrapping once around
written application
written appointment
written calculation
wynnea sparassoides


xerographic printer
xylomelum pyriforme
xyphophorus helleri


yamagata prefecture
yemeni monetary unit
yevgeni yevtushenko


zero coupon security
zigadenus venenosus
zinc cadmium sulfide
zingiber officinale
zoological specimen