abandoned building
abandoned property
abandoning someone
abbreviated number
abdominal delivery
abnormal mentality
abnormal pregnancy
abnormal sexuality
abominable snowman
above anything else
abruptio placentae
absolute advantage
absolute frequency
absolute knowledge
absolute magnitude
absolute threshold
academy of sciences
access control list
accommodation bill
achromatic doublet
acid base indicator
acid fast bacterium
acid precipitation
acoustic delay line
acoustic guitarist
acoustic impedance
acoustic phonetics
acoustic reactance
actual instruction
actual measurement
adansonia digitata
adaptive radiation
additional finance
additional funding
additional payment
additional profits
additional service
additionally print
address generation
address resolution
address translator
addressing machine
adhesive skin patch
adjustable spanner
adjustment of debts
administered price
administrative law
admiral of the fleet
adsorbent material
adult contemporary
adult intelligence
aepyceros melampus
aerial bombardment
aerial photography
aesthetic aversion
aetobatus narinari
affirmative action
african clawed frog
african coral snake
african hunting dog
african sandalwood
african swine fever
african yellowwood
afrocarpus falcata
afropavo congensis
agathis lanceolata
agglutination test
aggravated assault
aggregate function
aggregation number
aglaonema modestum
agony of separation
agrarian community
agricultural agent
agricultural crops
aiding and abetting
ailanthus silkworm
air traffic control
alberto giacometti
albright’s disease
alcohol dependency
alcoholic beverage
alcoholic dementia
aleksandr scriabin
alessandro farnese
alessandro manzoni
alexander hamilton
alexander the great
alexandrian laurel
alfred damon runyon
alfred eisenstaedt
alfred thayer mahan
algebraic analysis
algebraic equation
algebraic function
algebraic geometry
algebraic language
alice in wonderland
alicyclic compound
alien registration
aliphatic compound
along the east coast
alongshore current
alosa chrysocloris
alphabetic writing
alphabetical order
already issued bond
alstonia scholaris
alternating series
alternative energy
alternative theory
aluminium chloride
aluminium sulphate
aluminum hydroxide
alumni association
alveolar consonant
alveolar pneumonia
always having ready
ambassador to japan
american alligator
american black bear
american chameleon
american cockroach
american continent
american crocodile
amino acid sequence
ammonium carbamate
ammonium carbonate
ammonium hydroxide
ammonium molybdate
ammonium phosphate
ammunition chamber
among the mountains
amount of inventory
amount of substance
amphibious assault
amphibious landing
amphibious vehicle
amusement quarters
amygdaloid nucleus
amygdalus communis
analytic mechanics
anaphylactic shock
ancient expression
andrew lloyd webber
anecdotal evidence
anemone canadensis
anemone cylindrica
anemone sylvestris
anemone virginiana
anethum graveolens
angle of depression
angle of reflection
angle of refraction
anhydrous caffeine
animation software
announce in advance
announce something
annual expenditure
annual installment
annual publication
anonymous document
another line of work
another prefecture
answer to a telegram
answering a request
apalachicola river
apartment building
apostolic delegate
application server
aquatic vertebrate
aqueous solubility
aquilegia vulgaris
arachnoid membrane
arbitrage position
arbitrary decision
arbitrated divorce
arbitration clause
ardea occidentalis
ardisia paniculata
area around the eyes
area of thick growth
area under the curve
arenaria interpres
argentine republic
arguing face to face
around one’s person
arousing suspicion
arrange beforehand
arrangement of food
array partitioning
arsenous anhydride
artificial element
artificial horizon
artificial product
arvicola amphibius
asbestos abatement
ascending sequence
ascension of christ
ascii character set
aseptic meningitis
asia pacific region
asian water buffalo
aspergillus oryzae
aspherical surface
aspire to something
assistant director
assistant official
asymptotic freedom
atmospheric engine
atmospheric oxygen
atmospheric static
atriplex hortensis
atrophic arthritis
atrophic gastritis
attitude indicator
attractive feature
atypical pneumonia
atypical psychosis
audio response unit
auditory apparatus
auditory phonetics
auditory sensation
augustinian canons
auricular appendix
austere refinement
australian arowana
australian capital
australian doubles
australian english
australian sea lion
australian terrier
austrian winter pea
austro prussian war
autoimmune disease
automobile society
auxiliary airfield
auxiliary language
available position
available services
averrhoa carambola
aviation insurance
avoirdupois system
avoirdupois weight
awaiting judgement
awe into submission
awnless bromegrass
axile placentation
axiological ethics
axiom of archimedes
ayatollah khomeini
aythya valisineria
azadirachta indica
azolla caroliniana
azure winged magpie


baptisia australis
baptisia tinctoria
baptismal ceremony
baptistic doctrine
bayesian inference
become commonplace
become embarrassed
become established
become fashionable
become widely known
beggar my neighbour
begin beating a drum
beginning of autumn
beginning of spring
beginning of summer
beginning of the end
beginning of winter
beginning services
beginning training
behavioral ecology
behavioral pattern
behavioral science
behind closed doors
being applicable to
being in the capital
bend over backwards
beneath the surface
bessemer converter
better than nothing
between season wear
beyond description
beyond expectation
beyond imagination
biangbiang noodles
biauriculate heart
bicarbonate of soda
bilateral contract
bilateral monopoly
bilateral symmetry
biological defence
biological defense
biological process
biological science
biological warfare
biology department
biplane flying fish
bipolar transistor
bizarre literature
blessings of nature
bogus intelligence
bokashi composting
borosilicate glass
bosna i hercegovina
bosnia herzegovina
bottlenose dolphin
boundary alignment
boundary condition
box and whisker plot
buckminster fuller
buddha’s teachings
buddhist preaching
budget compilation
buildup of emotions
built in stabilizer
bumelia lanuginosa
bundle branch block
bundle of banknotes
business community
buxus sempervirens
buying stolen goods
buying temperature


cabernet sauvignon
cable stayed bridge
cadmium yellow pale
caesalpinia bonduc
caesalpinia ferrea
caesarean delivery
caesarian delivery
cafeteria facility
cake served with tea
capital investment
capital punishment
caucasian language
cause a disturbance
cautioning oneself
cautious statement
cavities or hollows
celestial latitude
cellular inclusion
cellular telephone
center of attention
central government
cephalopod mollusk
ceremonial address
certified document
cesium atomic clock
cetorhinus maximus
cetraria islandica
chloroprene rubber
christian religion
christmas graduate
chronic bronchitis
cimicifuga foetida
cis trans isomerism
citizen journalism
citizen of the world
citizens committee
city administrator
city council member
civil disobedience
cleaning implement
clydesdale terrier
coagulation factor
cobalt ultramarine
coded character set
coefficient matrix
coefficient of drag
coexisting segment
cognitive disorder
cognitive function
cognovit judgement
coordinated attack
cosmetic dentistry
cost effectiveness
cox’s orange pippin
credit application
credit association
criminal technique
critical condition
crude construction
cuckolding someone
cucurbita moschata
cult of personality
cultivated cabbage
cultural arbitrary
cultural diffusion
cultural geography
cumberland plateau
cumulonimbus cloud
cuprammonium rayon
currency principle
cyathea medullaris
cyclic hydrocarbon
cygnus columbianus
cylindrical boiler
cylindrical column
cylindrical lining
cynara cardunculus
cyperus esculentus
cypripedium acaule
cyrillic character
cytologic specimen
cytoplasmic matrix
czech monetary unit
czochralski method


dacrydium bidwilli
dacrydium colensoi
dactylis glomerata
dactylopius coccus
daily income in cash
daisywheel printer
dalmatia pyrethrum
dalmatian laburnum
dalmatian language
dampening solution
dangerous position
dangerous religion
dangerous thoughts
dash forward boldly
dasyatis centroura
dasyurid marsupial
data administrator
data communication
davy jones’s locker
dawson river salmon
daytime population
dehydrated ethanol
dehydroacetic acid
dehydrocholic acid
dependent variable
desktop publishing
detailed biography
determined purpose
determining factor
developing country
development permit
developmental test
diatomaceous earth
dictatorial person
dielectric heating
dielectric tangent
dietary supplement
different material
difficult delivery
difficult question
difficult sentence
difficult struggle
diffuse reflection
digital technology
digital television
diligent execution
diluvial formation
dimethyl carbonate
dining compartment
diodon holocanthus
dionysius the elder
diplomatic efforts
diplomatic mission
diplomatic remarks
diplomatic service
direct examination
diversity analysis
divided difference
diving competition
dominant character
dominican republic
door to door selling
double penetration
dovyalis hebecarpa
dual inline package
dual sword wielding
duck footed walking
duke of marlborough
duplication of work
during one’s tenure
dust contamination
dutch monetary unit
dwarf chinkapin oak
dwarf mountain pine
dwight filley davis
dying by the wayside
dying instructions
dynamic allocation
dynamic efficiency
dynamic relocation


each one separately
eadweard muybridge
eastern expedition
eat up one’s fortune
eating and drinking
eating and sleeping
eating strange food
echeneis naucrates
echinus esculentus
ecliptic longitude
ecological driving
economic condition
economic diplomacy
economic expansion
economic geography
economic immigrant
economic indicator
economic recession
economic sanctions
economic situation
economic sociology
economic stability
economy and society
ecumenical council
eddie rickenbacker
edith louisa cavell
editing capability
educational lender
educational reform
educational system
edward durell stone
edward everett hale
edward james hughes
edward lawrie tatum
edwin powell hubble
effect of a medicine
effective strength
eggs and hatchlings
egyptian paper reed
egyptian paper rush
egyptian water lily
either or situation
elasticity of shear
elder second cousin
electoral district
electric discharge
electric potential
electrical circuit
electrical contact
electronic circuit
elizabethan sonnet
elmore john leonard
elymus condensatus
emanuel swedenborg
embedded processor
embryonic membrane
embryonic stem cell
emergency hospital
emergency measures
emergency medicine
emergency response
emergency shutdown
emergent evolution
emeritus professor
emotional disorder
emotional strength
empirical research
employment history
employment pattern
enarthrodial joint
endangered species
enemy of the emperor
energy engineering
energy expenditure
enforced isolation
engine compartment
engineering change
engineering course
engineering school
engineering strain
engineering stress
english department
english literature
engraved signature
enlightened person
enlightened priest
enlist in a military
ensete ventricosum
ensiform cartilage
entertainment hall
environment agency
environmental laws
environmental load
enzymatic browning
epidemic hepatitis
equipment casualty
eragrostis curvula
erethizon dorsatum
ergodic hypothesis
erianthus ravennae
erigeron divergens
erigeron speciosus
erik axel karlfeldt
erik von willebrand
eriosoma lanigerum
erithacus rubecola
erithacus svecicus
erodium cicutarium
erosion control dam
error control logic
error distribution
eryngium aquaticum
erythrocebus patas
escape from reality
esoteric doctrines
esoteric teachings
especially a bad one
especially in a tire
especially of atoms
especially of ships
essential nutrient
essentials for life
established church
established custom
established tactic
established theory
establishing proof
esthetic dentistry
estimation of votes
eternal punishment
eternal recurrence
ethical investment
ethiopian language
eucalyptus regnans
euclidean distance
euclidean geometry
euclid’s postulate
euonymus europaeus
european blueberry
european community
european countries
european raspberry
eutamius asiaticus
eutamius sibiricus
evaluation formula
evaluation measure
evaluation meeting
evangelical church
evaporative cooler
evolutionary trend
exact differential
examination method
examination script
executable program
execute permission
execution sequence
executive director
executive function
executive official
executive position
executive producer
exhaustive listing
exhibition and sale
existing alongside
exotic belly dancer
external character


fabric conditioner
facial recognition
falling population
false imprisonment
family corporation
family predecessor
fashion consultant
father and daughter
father of the nation
fatty constitution
faulty maintenance
favorable position
favorite amusement
feature extraction
federal chancellor
federal department
federal government
federal parliament
feeling of movement
fehling’s solution
female ejaculation
female entertainer
feminist criticism
feodor dostoyevsky
festival of the dead
ficus diversifolia
fiduciary relation
field hockey player
fierce competition
fifth cranial nerve
filename extension
fixed length packet
fixed wing aircraft
flight compartment
flower arrangement
fluid intelligence
focusing one’s mind
foeniculum vulgare
foetal circulation
folk entertainment
follow through with
foundation garment
freedom of religion
freedom of the press
frequency response
friendly reception
fukuoka prefecture
function generator
furious dedication
furious opposition
fusanus acuminatus
future generations
future progressive
fyodor dostoyevsky


gaining possession
gaining prominence
gaius julius caesar
gang of young toughs
garbage collection
gate with a crossbar
gather all together
gathering of people
gathering together
gaultheria shallon
gautama siddhartha
geastrum coronatum
giant silkworm moth
giant timber bamboo
gift wrapping paper
gilbert’s syndrome
gilded edges or rims
gill over the ground
gini’s coefficient
giovanni boccaccio
giovanni de’medici
giuseppe garibaldi
give an explanation
give consideration
glacial acetic acid
gleditsia aquatica
global competition
global corporation
global declaration
global environment
global positioning
global transaction
gobiesox strumosus
god of military arts
goggling one’s eyes
going and returning
going into mourning
going separate ways
going to hot springs
golden opportunity
gopherus agassizii
gopherus polypemus
gossypium arboreum
gossypium hirsutum
gossypium thurberi
gourd shaped war fan
governing equation
government affairs
government expense
government in exile
government licence
government offices
government revenue
government service
government sources
government subsidy
grinding allowance
ground temperature
gruelling training
guangdong province
guaranteed arrival
gubernatorial race
guidance counselor
guillotine rupture
guinea worm disease
guitar synthesizer
gulf of carpentaria
gulf of st. lawrence
gulf of tehuantepec
gulping down a drink
gurgling bird sound
gustatory modality
gustav ludwig hertz
gutierrezia texana
guttural consonant
gymnastic exercise
gymnocladus dioica
gymnorhina tibicen
gymnospermous tree


haastia pulvinaris
habenaria dilatata
habenaria psycodes
haber bosch process
haberdashery store
hadley circulation
haemolytic anaemia
haemorrhagic fever
haemorrhagic shock
haemulon malanurum
haggard appearance
hairdressing salon
happen to be present
happening to know of
have a conversation
have a relationship
having control over
having enough money
having nothing to do
hazardous material
heinrich von kleist
helper application
hematopoietic cell
hemorrhagic stroke
henry david thoreau
henry graham greene
henry hubert turner
henry spencer moore
henry watson fowler
hepatic portal vein
heptadecanoic acid
heterocyclic group
heuchera americana
heuchera sanguinea
hevea brasiliensis
hexadecimal system
hexagon socket head
hexagonal building
hibiscus moschatus
hibiscus mutabilis
hibiscus tiliaceus
historical context
historical insight
historical present
historical records
historical science
historical writing
history department
history of a company
history of medicine
hitting left handed
hodgkin’s lymphoma
honorary doctorate
honorary president
hook line and sinker
hopeless situation
horizontal surface
horizontal writing
hospital attendant
hospital discharge
hospital occupancy
hostile expedition
household medicine
household violence
hudson river school
hudsonia ericoides
hudsonia tomentosa
huffing and puffing
hug someone tightly
hundred dollar bill
hunting expedition
hurried production
huygens’ principle
hydraulic pressure
hydrogen carbonate
hydrogen explosion
hygiene management
hygienic chemistry
hygrotrama foetens
hylocichla guttata
hymenaea courbaril
hyoscyamus muticus
hyssop loosestrife
hysteric amaurosis


iatrogenic disease
ibaraki prefecture
icterus neonatorum
ida minerva tarbell
identification map
identification tag
identifying signal
identity operation
ideographic script
ignition interlock
ignominious defeat
iliamna acerifolia
illegal employment
illegal possession
illegitimate child
imaginary creature
immediate decision
immediate follower
immediately before
immigration policy
inadequate capital
industrial disease
infectious disease
information market
information system
information theory
ingratiating voice
inguinal lymph node
inimical character
initial conditions
initial investment
initial resolution
injection of a fluid
injuries and deaths
inorganic compound
inorganic material
input output device
inundating a castle
invasion of privacy
investigation firm
investment banking
involuntary muscle
ionization chamber
ionizing radiation
ipomoea fastigiata
ipomoea imperialis
iranian revolution
iraqi monetary unit
iresine reticulata
irish monetary unit
irrational impulse
irresistible force
irresponsible talk
isaac merrit singer
isles of langerhans
isolated amplifier
isolating language
isometric exercise
isosceles triangle
item of expenditure
itemized deduction
itinerant salesman
ivan iv vasilievich
ivy leaved geranium
ixodes persulcatus
ixodes spinipalpis


jakob hermandszoon
jakob liebmann beer
james clerk maxwell
james george frazer
james thomas harris
jan christian smuts
japan standard time
japanese character
japanese persimmon
japanese style room
java water dropwort
jawless vertebrate
jean baptiste lully
jean martin charcot
jesse louis jackson
jet propelled plane
jewelled headdress
jimenez de cisneros
job entry subsystem
job separation rate
johannes gutenberg
john maynard keynes
john singer sargent
john the evangelist
joroslav heyrovsky
jose ortega y gasset
josef von sternberg
joseph ben matthias
joseph deems taylor
joseph john thomson
joseph louis barrow
josephson junction
judge in comparison
judgment by default
judicial admission
judicial precedent
judicial principle
judicial scrivener
julia evelina smith
julian the apostate
julienne vegetable
jump to a conclusion
jump to conclusions
jumping plant louse
junction rectifier
jungian psychology
junior lightweight
jupiter fulminator
just as you’d expect
just scraping along
justice department
justice of the peace


kabuki connoisseur
kabuki performance
kallman’s syndrome
karmic retribution
keep in contact with
kennedia prostrata
kentucky black bass
kentucky bluegrass
kepler’s second law
khyber pakhtunkhwa
kill by running over
killer application
killing in a bombing
killing with intent
kilometers per hour
kilometres per hour
kindergarten pupil
king of the mountain
klemens metternich
knights of columbus
know what’s going on
knowledge engineer
knowledge industry
korean velvet grass
kruskal wallis test
kyphosus sectatrix


labor organization
labor productivity
laboratory manager
laboratory subject
labrador retriever
lack of application
lack of common sense
lack of information
lack of preparation
lacking initiative
lacrimal apparatus
lagodon rhomboides
lagostomus maximus
laminating machine
landscape painting
lappet caterpillar
lasting impression
later compensation
latest information
lavandula stoechas
lavish hospitality
law of large numbers
laws and ordinances
laying foundations
lebanese hizballah
lecture attendance
left gastric artery
left hand direction
left handed pitcher
left luggage office
legislative branch
length and capacity
lenticular nucleus
leonard bloomfield
lepas fascicularis
lepisma saccharina
lepisosteus osseus
leptosomatic habit
less objectionable
lesser whitethroat
lesser wintergreen
lester willis young
letter to the editor
leucothoe editorum
level playing field
levelling of ground
leymus condensatus
liaison conference
liaison department
liaodong peninsula
license production
licensed architect
lichen ruber planus
licking one’s chops
lifelong education
lilian alicia marks
lilium columbianum
lilium lancifolium
lilium longiflorum
limited government
liopelma hamiltoni
lipoprotein lipase
listen attentively
living environment
loan participation
lobelia cardinalis
lobster a la newburg
lobularia maritima
lodged bullet wound
logical comparison
logical connection
loitering on the way
lolium multiflorum
lophius americanus
lose consciousness
lotus corniculatus
loudspeaker system
louisiana purchase
lowest temperature
loxodonta africana
loyalty and courage
lucrative position
lumbosacral plexus
lumbosacral strain
luminous intensity
lunisolar calendar
luvarus imperialis
luxury grocery item
lycaenid butterfly
lychins floscuculi
lychnis flos cuculi
lycopodium alpinum
lycopus americanus
lycopus virginicus
lying on one’s belly
lying spread eagled
lyophyllum shimeji
lysimachia nemorum
lysine intolerance


machine politician
madagascar jasmine
magnetic recording
magnetic resonance
magnetic variation
mahonia aquifolium
major tranquilizer
majority operation
malicious mischief
mass communication
mathematical logic
mathematical model
mathematical space
maurice de vlaminck
maximum preference
means of production
mechanical drawing
mechanical mixture
mechanism of action
mechanized cavalry
medical profession
meet an expectation
meeting and parting
meiji constitution
member of the public
membrane potential
memory institution
mental calculation
mental institution
mental measurement
mental reservation
mental retardation
mention previously
metabolic syndrome
methylene chloride
mexican bean beetle
mexican husk tomato
mexican revolution
mexican tulip poppy
microwave spectrum
miguel de cervantes
military character
military operation
military personnel
military policeman
mimeograph machine
mimus polyglotktos
minute description
miracle working god
mirror shaped mochi
mitchell principle
mix and use together
mixed base notation
mobile phone number
mobilization order
mock cavalry battle
moisture absorbent
moisture absorbing
moisturizing agent
moisturizing cream
mojave rattlesnake
molecular compound
molecular dynamics
molecular genetics
molecular medicine
molecular modeling
molecular nitrogen
moment of departure
moonlight mushroom
mosquito repellent
most difficult part
most favored nation
most important part
most important task
most valuable asset
mountain cranberry
movement of the body
movement of the hand
movement to contact
mozambique channel
muhammad ali jinnah
multiple sclerosis
municipal assembly
municipal district
municipal property
munitions industry
muntingia calabura
murder by poisoning
murrumbidgee river
muscle contraction
muscular dystrophy
musical instrument
mutual concessions
mutual destruction
mutual fund company
mutual information
mutual resemblance
mutual savings bank
mutually exclusive
mycteria americana
myocardial infarct
myoclonus epilepsy
myoneural junction
myotonia atrophica
myotonia congenita
myotonic dystrophy
myriad green leaves
myristica fragrans
myroxylon balsamum
myroxylon pereirae


nabothian follicle
nag hammadi library
nail tailed wallaby
nap in the afternoon
napoleon bonaparte
nasal decongestant
nasal inflammation
national insurance
national treatment
natural phenomenon
nautical astronomy
naval architecture
naval general staff
naval installation
navigating officer
navigation officer
navigational chart
near earth asteroid
nearby prefectures
nebular hypothesis
necessities of life
needle point holder
negative electrode
negative income tax
negative influence
negative selection
negatively charged
negligent homicide
neighborhood bully
neighborhood house
neighboring rights
neighbouring group
neighbouring house
neighbouring right
nemophila maculata
neon induction lamp
neonatal mortality
nephrotic syndrome
nerve growth factor
nervous exhaustion
nesselrode pudding
network conditions
network connection
network controller
network management
next door neighbors
next door neighbour
next month delivery
nicaraguan capital
nicotine addiction
nicotine poisoning
niigata prefecture
nikolaas tinbergen
ninhydrin reaction
ninth cranial nerve
ninth vertical line
noctiluca miliaris
nocturnal emission
noise cancellation
noisy conversation
nominal horsepower
nominating address
nomura’s jellyfish
normal temperature
northern direction
noughts and crosses
noun incorporation
nuclear deterrence
nuclear power plant
nuclear propulsion
nuisance abatement
nuisance phone call
number portability
numerical addition
numerical analysis
numerical aperture
numerical quantity
numerical strength
nuptial coloration
nuptial procession
nurse practitioner
nursing care center
nutritive material
nuytsia floribunda


obidoxime chloride
object being sought
object recognition
objective function
objective idealism
objective symptoms
observation window
obstacle to freedom
occasional student
occupation licence
occupation license
occupational field
occupational group
occupied territory
occur in succession
octal number system
october revolution
odobenus divergens
oesophageal reflux
offensive activity
official residence
okayama prefecture
okinawa prefecture
olearia argophylla
olecranon bursitis
oleoresin capiscum
olfactory modality
olfactory property
oliver hazard perry
olympic salamander
omani monetary unit
omar nelson bradley
oncorhynchus nerka
online diagnostics
onoclea sensibilis
onomatopoetic word
opening and closing
operating together
opheodrys aestivus
opheodrys vernalis
ophiodon elongatus
ophiophagus hannah
ophrys insectifera
opposing candidate
opposite direction
opposition faction
optical instrument
optical microscope
optical phenomenon
option transaction
optional component
oral communication
oral contraception
oral contraceptive
orbignya phalerata
orchidaceous plant
orchis spectabilis
order of precedence
organic fertiliser
organic fertilizer
organic phenomenon
organization chart
organize something
organized religion
oriental cockroach
orientation course
orientation vector
original character
original condition
original intention
original judgement
original recording
ormosia monosperma
ornamental hairpin
ornamental writing
orontium aquaticum
orthodontic braces
orthopedic surgeon
orthopedic surgery
oryzomys palustris
oryzopsis miliacea
osmanthus fragrans
osmunda cinnamonea
osteitis deformans
osteogenic sarcoma
otaheite arrowroot
other people’s eyes
otium cum dignitate
otto fritz meyerhof
our lady’s bedstraw
ovalipes ocellatus
owner of a hermitage
owners corporation
oxalis corniculata
oxandra lanceolata
oxyacetylene flame
oxyacetylene torch
oxyura jamaicensis


padded silk garment
padding with cotton
patent application
patent description
paul hermann muller
paul leonard newman
paul von hindenburg
paying no attention
payload specialist
payment for another
payment on delivery
payroll department
peaceful situation
pectoral medallion
pectoral sandpiper
pecuniary resource
pedestrian traffic
pediatric hospital
pediatric medicine
pedunculated polyp
peer to peer network
pelvic examination
pelvic floor muscle
people’s commissar
people’s democracy
people’s interests
people’s ownership
peperomia argyreia
pessimistic nature
petite bourgeoisie
petroleum industry
petroleum products
peyronie’s disease
philanthropic gift
philanthropic work
philippine english
philippine islands
philosophers’ wool
philosopher’s wool
philosophical view
photoelectric cell
photographic paper
photographic plate
phrases and clauses
phthalic anhydride
physical chemistry
physical condition
physical education
physical geography
physical interface
physical structure
physical therapist
physically painful
picture dictionary
piece de resistance
pièce de résistance
pipeline processor
pleasant sensation
pleasure principle
plowing and weeding
pneumatic pressure
podiceps cristatus
podiceps grisegena
podocarpus nivalis
podocarpus spicata
poem composing mood
poetic composition
poetic inspiration
pogonia divaricata
point of contention
point of difference
point of production
pointless argument
political prisoner
pomaderris apetala
poor attacking play
poor correspondent
popularity contest
population biology
population control
population decline
population density
population profile
potassium chloride
pour into something
powder photography
power distribution
power transmission
practical language
practical politics
pragmatic sanction
prunella modularis
prunus susquehanae
prussian asparagus
przevalski’s horse
przewalski’s horse
pseudo instruction
psittacula krameri
psoralea esculenta
psychic phenomenon
pternohyla fodiens
ptomaine poisoning
puffing and panting
pulmonary embolism
pump and dump scheme
purchase agreement
purchasing expense
push boldly forward
push pull amplifier
pushing from behind
pushing to the limit
pygmy hippopotamus
pygoscelis adeliae
pyogenic granuloma
pyrotechnic signal
pythium debaryanum
python reticulatus


quadratic equation
quiet conversation


rabbit catching net
racial integration
racial segregation
radiation exposure
radiation pressure
radius of curvature
rakugo story teller
ralph waldo ellison
ralph waldo emerson
raman spectrometry
raman spectroscopy
rapid acceleration
rapid deceleration
rappahannock river
rare earth elements
ras tafari makonnen
rastafari movement
reaction formation
reality television
rebellious subject
rebirth in paradise
rebound tenderness
reduction division
reentering polygon
reference language
refrigerator truck
regional character
regular expression
rejoicing in the law
rejoicing of the law
relation condition
religious ceremony
remaining business
remaining strength
remote countryside
renewable resource
required attribute
required knowledge
requital of a favour
rhamnus purshianus
rheumatic aortitis
rhodymenia palmata
rhyming dictionary
ribbon development
ride roughshod over
ridicule something
ridiculously large
riding association
rift between clouds
rise in temperature
risk communication
robbery conviction
robert falcon scott
robert oppenheimer
robotics equipment
rock paper scissors
rodney george laver
rodolia cardinalis
roger’s bronze leaf
rolling resistance
roman architecture
roquefort dressing
rotating mechanism
rotational latency
rotational molding
roy chapman andrews
roystonea oleracea
rubbish collection
rudbeckia serotina
rudolf karl virchow
ruler of a synagogue
ruler’s privy purse
rumble in the ground
rumex obtusifolius
running commentary
rupicola peruviana
rural free delivery
russian federation
russian revolution
rutherford b. hayes
ruvettus pretiosus


sabbatia angularis
sabbatia stellaris
saber toothed tiger
sable’s hair pencil
sabre toothed tiger
sacrificial animal
safety information
saitama prefecture
same pronunciation
sampling frequency
sao thome e principe
sapindus saponaria
satellite receiver
saturated compound
saturated solution
saturation bombing
saturation current
saturday and sunday
savory spicy flavor
sawtooth coastline
saxifraga aizoides
saying a single word
scentless camomile
school composition
science department
science laboratory
scientific circles
scientific grounds
scientific problem
scientific realism
scientific society
scientific thought
scissors manoeuvre
scleranthus annuus
sclerophyll forest
sclerotium disease
sebaceous follicle
sebastes iracundus
sebastian vizcaino
sebastodes marinus
secondary emission
sedimentation rate
sedimentation tank
seismic resistance
self consciousness
self determination
semicircular canal
semiconductor disk
semiconductor unit
sentence structure
separate paragraph
separation anxiety
sequence alignment
sequence of numbers
sequential circuit
sequential voicing
serial publication
severe fluctuation
sexual orientation
seychelles islands
shell construction
sheltered workshop
shrewd businessman
shrine parishioner
shrines and temples
shutting one’s eyes
shutting oneself in
shuttle helicopter
siamese connection
siberian blue robin
siberian crab apple
sibilant consonant
sickle cell anaemia
sickle cell disease
sickness insurance
sickness unto death
siebold’s primrose
significance level
simple calculation
simplified version
since the beginning
sir alexander korda
sir anthony hopkins
sir arthur sullivan
sir james clark ross
sir joshua reynolds
sir robert robinson
sir thomas lawrence
sir william gilbert
sir william wallace
sistrurus miliaris
six blood relations
six internal organs
sixth cranial nerve
sjogren’s syndrome
skeletal structure
sleeping policeman
slightly difficult
slowly but steadily
smelling of alcohol
smelling of incense
smile a bitter smile
smyrnium olusatrum
social engineering
sodium bicarbonate
sodium borohydride
sodium restriction
sodium thiosulfate
something abnormal
something material
something portable
something received
something uncommon
sophora tetraptera
sovereign immunity
sowing spaced seeds
sphere of influence
spherical geometry
spherical triangle
sphincter pupillae
spirit photography
splitting headache
style of penmanship
style of wooden post
success and failure
successful meeting
sudden and dramatic
sudden rise to power
suddenly disappear
sudoriferous gland
suffer a concussion
suffer destruction
suffer emotionally
suffer from poverty
suffering of christ
sugar coated tablet
suggest indirectly
suggestive therapy
suicide by drowning
suicide by the sword
suicide prevention
suicide suspension
suitable candidate
surface of the earth
surface of the water
surgical operation
surgical procedure
suspended sentence
suspicious looking
sustaining program
switching variable
sworn elder brother
syllabary spelling
syllabic character
syllable structure
sympathetic nerves
sympathetic strike
symphony orchestra
synthesis strategy
synthetic language
synthetic thinking
syringa reticulata
system declaration
system development
system integration
system logical unit
system maintenance
system of equations
system requirement


tactical manoeuvre
tactless frankness
take the initiative
tapeworm infection
technical analysis
technical knockout
technical official
technical sergeant
technical training
teilhard de chardin
telephone exchange
telephone operator
television antenna
television channel
television network
television program
television station
temperature change
temporary employee
temporary planting
temporary quarters
temporary transfer
temporary variable
tephrosia purpurea
terminal equipment
terrestrial planet
territorial waters
test specification
teucrium canadense
texas horned lizard
thoracic diaphragm
thorough knowledge
thoroughbred horse
thought experiment
thought of the times
thoughtless person
through and through
throughout the year
thuja occidentalis
tibialis posterior
ticket to the garden
tickle emotionally
tickseed sunflower
tie up negotiations
tight relationship
tilia heterophylla
tilling a rice field
tilling with horses
tiny amount of money
tirelessly working
tissue engineering
titanium porcelain
tochigi prefecture
tokugawa shogunate
tomato concentrate
tools and materials
top recommendation
tossing and turning
tossing into the air
total differential
total mobilization
total solar eclipse
totalitarian state
tourist attraction
towards the outside
toxotes jaculatrix
toy bamboo leaf boat
troop headquarters
tsuga heterophylla
tsunami earthquake
tudor architecture
tussock bellflower
twenty five percent
twilight of the gods
tympanuchus cupido
type certification


ulcerative colitis
ulmus carpinifolia
ultra high capacity
ultra low frequency
ultrafine particle
ultraviolet source
umbrella insulator
unauthorized labor
unavailable choice
unbiased criticism
unbounded interval
unearned increment
unemployed laborer
unexpected meeting
unexpected victory
unexpected visitor
unfair competition
unfair termination
unfinished article
unfortunate person
unhappy unless held
unhealthy emotions
unit of measurement
universal suffrage
university student
unmanageable child
unmanageable horse
unmarked police car
unofficial history
unpleasant feeling
unprocessed timber
unresolved problem
unusual occurrence
unveiling ceremony
unwilling to resign
upcoming programme
upfront investment
upgrade procedures
upper and lower ends
uranium enrichment
urban planning area
urban regeneration
urethral sphincter
urgent recruitment
urinary tract stone
urinating outdoors
uriniferous tubule
ursus middendorffi
uruguay potato vine
use one’s influence
useless resistance
usufructuary right
utilization factor
utilization review
utter indifference
utterly stark naked


vaccinium pallidum
vaginal flatulence
vague apprehension
vague recollection
value added service
vanadium pentoxide
vanishing like mist
vapor phase epitaxy
variable insurance
various appliances
vascular structure
vasomotor rhinitis
vaudeville theater
vaudeville theatre
vehicle inspection
vehicular language
velocity per second
velocity potential
ventilation system
venture capitalism
venture capitalist
vertical direction
very high frequency
vestibule of the ear
vestibule of vagina
veterinary science
veterinary surgeon
vibrational energy
video capture board
video conferencing
video distribution
video photographer
video surveillance
video tape recorder
vietnamese reading
view from the inside
viewing as a problem
vigna aconitifolia
viminaria denudata
violation of the law
violent revolution
virtual connection
vision of the future
visiting professor
visual observation
viverricula indica
viviparous eelpout
vocational disease
vocational program
voice of conscience
volatile component
volcanic explosion
von neumann machine
vulcanian eruption
vulnerable species


waiter’s assistant
waka composing mood
walking dictionary
wandering minstrel
war responsibility
wave theory of light
way of appreciating
way of constructing
way things are going
way to use something
weather conditions
weather forecaster
weather resistance
web toed salamander
weeds beneath a tree
weekly publication
weeping cherry tree
weight of an vehicle
wernicke’s aphasia
western australian
western hemisphere
whenever necessary
whys and wherefores
widely distributed
window information
wipe the slate clean
wire entanglements
wire matrix printer
wireless telegraph
wireless telephone
wisteria chinensis
with all due respect
withdrawal symptom
without discipline
without expression
without permission
wolffia columbiana
woman in childbirth
women’s liberation
wretched condition
write a composition
writing vertically
written resolution
wrongful dismissal


xanthoma multiplex
xeranthemum annuum
xerographic copier
xylaria polymorpha
xylopia aethiopica


yarn making factory
year of publication
years of experience
yellow dog contract
yield allegiance to
younger generation


zanthoxylum flavum
zebra tailed lizard
zen priest’s sermon
zenaidura macroura
zigadenus nuttalli
zinc oxide ointment
zinnia grandiflora
zirconium silicate
zoological science
zygophyllum fabago